Deion Sanders Publicly Asks Mississippi Governor to Help College Students Receive Refund Checks on Time

Deion Sanders Sees 18 Colorado Football Players Head to Transfer Portal

There have been a dozen and a half student-athletes from the University of Colorado Boulder who recently entered the transfer portal on Monday, leaving head coach, Deion Sanders the opportunity to obtain the players he wants.

According to Eleven Warriors, earlier this week, 18 football players from Colorado entered the transfer portal. That brings the number of student-athletes to leave the program to 31 players within the past two weeks and a total of 42 since Sanders came on board as the newly hired football coach.

“With 18 more Colorado football players entering the transfer portal today alone, the number of players who have transferred since Deion Sanders told CU’s players to “go ahead and jump in the portal” in his 1st team meeting is now 41.”

Late last year after Sanders was hired by the university, 13 students from the class of 2023 had their scholarships revoked after Sanders was hired. At the press conference where he announced his hiring, the head coach told the players in attendance that some of them should enter the transfer portal because he was bringing players with him.

“You all know that we’re going to move on from some of the team members, and we’re going to reload and get some kids that we really identify with,” Sanders said after the recent football game that Colorado played. “This process is going to be quick, and it’s going to be fast, but we’re going to get it done.”

USA Today reported that in order to allow new players to be placed on the team roster, under the 85-scholarship roster limit, Sanders would need a certain number of players who were already on the football squad to leave the team, whether voluntary or involuntary.

Sanders has come in with his own vision of the type of team he wants based on the success he had while head coach at Jackson State University. He left JSU with a winning record at 27-5 over three seasons. The University of Colorado Boulder had a losing record of 1-11 last season.

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