Detavio Samuels Discusses 'New Era Of Entertainment' At Revolt

Detavio Samuels Discusses ‘New Era Of Entertainment’ At Revolt

It’s no secret that there has been a change at Revolt, but that doesn’t change the mission of the platform. The purpose of the company remains the same with an added feature that has gripped the world and is essentially the future. With the advancement of artificial intelligence, Revolt has reimagined narratives that go in a different direction that make the public think.

After just celebrating the 10th anniversary in 2023 and looking forward to the next version of the newly formed REVOLT WORLD taking place in Atlanta once again in 2024, the company is not veering off the road to the level of success expected from the company.

Revolt CEO Detavio Samuels gives The Industry Cosign an exclusive look into the future of Revolt. He reassures us that the platform and direction of the company will introduce new programming, new structure, and better programming.

“What’s not changing is the vision and the mission. In other words, our purpose is still the same. We are here to shift the narrative for Black people globally by building the most powerful black storytelling engine on the planet, powered by creators, right? So that hasn’t changed,” Samuels insists.

What Samuels describes as “the new era of entertainment” takes place where most people live and breathe and that’s on social. Most people consume content through social media. People can curate content through YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify, with many choices nowadays. “So what we see is important for media brands in the future is to no longer be singled lane focused. You can’t just be a cable company. You can’t just be a tech company. You’ve got to meet these people where they are and all of the experiences that they personally choose to consume in.”

As we just left Black History Month, Revolt rolled out a campaign that reimagined history, but from the Black perspective and with the power of A.I. suddenly at our fingertips, it made sense to utilize the technology.

“I was tired of lying and so when the agency brought me this idea around reimagining or imagining new worlds through the transformer, the power of A.I., I jumped on it. It allows us to bring new narratives to our culture, new narratives to our audience, ideas that would have caused millions to do if you went out and produced them. But we can do it in real life for free.

“If people aren’t up on it yet, it’s just basically a retelling of history in general, but from a black perspective, with us being the ones controlling the narrative, if not the narrative, at least the historical aspects of what’s going on, who came up with the idea for that particular.”

With the prospect of the upcoming REVOLT WORLD, along with new programming that will be introduced throughout the year, Samuels tells us that the company is also launching a women’s channel.

“We’ve been building our women’s audience over the last few years. We want to try to super serve them in ways that you know, we don’t see in the marketplace. And so that’s everything from, yes, we want to find and identify entertaining content for black women, but we also want to create a platform that enables them to lead their own revolution, champion their causes, amplify their voices.”

Along with mentioning particular projects that will dwell into the history of important Black moments that the world needs to know about, Samuels makes mention of bringing in creatives and “do like a creative residency in house” for Revolt. With a super focus on Black news, that will be elevated some more for the social aspect of the audience.

Detavio Samuels Discusses ‘New Era Of Entertainment’ At Revolt

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