Discover Your Best Self…and Stick With It

Discover Your Best Self…and Stick With It

Discover Your Best Self…and Stick With It

Millennial women are the most educated group of women in history, a valuable resource for the future of our world. However, so many businesswomen are searching for their formula to success. First-time author Christine Fowler-Phillips answers the call with her motivational, self-help debut, Discover Your Best Self…and Stick With It, available for purchase October 5, 2018, is filled with tips to provide the best chance to accomplish all you desire in life.

In Discover Your Best Self, Christine Fowler-Phillips guides the reader through principles such as self-confidence and self-awareness to become successful in many aspects of life. “Inward and outward perceptions are critically important and the foundation of this book. I stress the importance of emotional intelligence and utilizing it with everyone and everyday in life,” said Fowler-Phillips about the inspiration of her book. “You’re going to have peaks and valleys, stuff happens, but developing the right attitude will get you through it.”

Ultimately, Discover Your Best dovetails a “how-to-create” a winning image with key examples from Fowler-Phillips’ life showing how work ethic, along with being positive, proactive, efficient, and confident, can build self-esteem.

Christine Fowler-Phillips earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing, a master’s degree in health policy management, and graduate certificates in healthcare administration and project management. She is a corporate image consultant, public speaker, and author. Fowler-Phillips is a member of the of the Association of Image Consultants International, President and Founder of Discover Your Best Self, LLC. and was a top sales professional in the pharmaceutical industry for more than two decades.

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