DJ Akademiks Sued for Rape and Defamation

A young woman has filed a lawsuit against internet personality, DJ Akademiks, accusing him of allegedly sexually assaulting her and defamation, according to People.

In court documents obtained by the media outlet, a former acquaintance, Fauziya Abashe says that Akademics, real name Livingston Allen reportedly raped her, along with two of his friends after they drugged her at his residence. The alleged incident took place in July 2022. Abashe is suing the controversial Akademiks for negligent infliction of emotional distress and defamation.

The Washington Post has reported that Akademiks has denied the allegations and stated that police officials have cleared him of the accusations. He also added that it was a shakedown attempt by Abashe according to Rolling Stone. She responded to his denial by telling the media outlet, “I’m confident that justice will prevail, and the veil will be removed so no other woman will have to endure what I did.”

In the lawsuit obtained by People, Abashe said she met Akademiks in 2021 online and they dated but had not spoken to each other when he reached out to her that day in July 2022. After arriving at his home, she was met by his two friends, identified as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2, and conversed with both of them before they followed her to Akademiks’ hot tub. After entering the tub, she stated they gave her alcohol and it made her feel “extremely lightheaded and dizzy.”

She says that one of the men became aggressive with her before throwing her in a nearby pool and throughout the evening, she was allegedly gang-raped as she went in and out of consciousness. She said she awakened at around 4 a.m. in bed with Akademiks where he was allegedly “brutally raping” her. She also added that she was not aware of the attacks until the next morning when Akademiks showed her surveillance footage of her being sexually assaulted.

Abashe went to the police and reported the attacks. The police officers did a rape kit on her, “evidencing that Ms. Abashe had been sexually assaulted.”

She remained silent about the alleged attacks until Dec. 30, 2023, after Akademiks allegedly defamed her on social media by claiming that Abashe “voluntarily [had] an orgy with his friends at his home while maintaining that he never participated at all.” He alleges he returned from a party after he invited a woman to his home, claiming he forgot that he did so. He went on to state that Abashe had sex with the two men on her own accord.

Her attorney, Tyrone Blackburn said, “Litigation is always the last resort. After several unsuccessful attempts to privately resolve this case, Ms. Abashe was left no choice other than to file. Mr. Allen’s hubris will be his downfall.”

DJ Akademiks Sued for Rape and Defamation

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