Combat vet turned millionaire penned self-help book, The Doorway to Your Success in 2020 to break the monotony.

The purpose of TDYS is to give readers insight and knowledge into the true meaning of success. Dr. Demoine Kinney’s book explores how to obtain and sustain success with “keys,” which he says will take time to learn, embrace and activate.

Dr. Kinney has been a student of self-development, self-discovery and spiritual enrichment for over a decade. His journey continues, daily. Because of the success of his journey, he would like to share the keys, which have allowed him to live the life of his dreams.

TDYS was intended to be a guide for those who feel stuck, those who have begun their pursuit of success, and for those who don’t know where to begin.

Success to Dr. Kinney is never based on what other people are doing. He says, “It’s supposed to be based on what you’re supposed to be doing while you’re here. When you live out your true heart’s desire and all the keys that you’re shown, the success will follow you. You won’t have to chase it.” The statement begs answers: Who is Dr. Kinney?

On paper, the TDYS author is uniquely ambitious. Much like each and every one of us, Dr. Kinney is full of promise, and lives a life that harnesses it. His extensive resume includes a recent Doctorate degree from Sedona University in Metaphysics. He is also a former combat soldier with the bumps and bruises to boot. He is an actor, comedian, saxophonist and film/TV Producer. With multiple feats accomplished in his young life, what he has to say about success is undoubtedly born from experience.

Says, Dr. Kinney: “The reality is other people’s words only hurt when you believe them. Other people’s words have no power until you repeat it to yourself. You were placed on Earth to be a change agent and to bring something different from what the world has ever seen.”

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