Drake Wins $2.3M On Super Bowl Game

The Drake curse took a day off for this year’s Super Bowl.

After Aubrey “Drake” Graham lost $700,000 on a bet between American MMA fighter Sean Strickland and South African fighter Dricus “Stillknocks” Du Plessis last month at UFC 297, the Canadian superstar won his money back and more when he placed a Super Bowl bet for Sunday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Before the game was played, many Chiefs fans were worried that Drake announcing he had placed a bet on their team would jinx them and they would become victims of his misguided picks on winners.

Drake placed a $1.15 million bet that the Chiefs would be victorious on Sunday when he stated via his Instagram account that he can’t “bet against the swifties.” He took a screenshot of the million-plus wager that would bring him back a total of $2.3 million.


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The Chiefs did win the Super Bowl 25-22 in overtime enabling Drake to win back the loss he suffered last month from betting on the wrong fighter at UFC 297. So, with Drake picking the right team in this contest, the Drake curse has been put on pause for the time being.

The infamous “Drake Curse” has been following the “Thank Me Later” recording artist for several years now. It seems as if anytime Drake places a bet or shows support toward a sports team or meets an athlete, they suffer a defeat. Over the years, various media outlets have reported on this so-called curse and fans have watched in either glee or despair when they found out that Drake was a supporter of a team or athlete.

Over this time, several victims of the curse have been tennis legend Serena Williams, boxer Anthony Joshua, the Toronto Raptors, MMA fighter Connor McGregor, the Kentucky Wildcats, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Golden State Warriors, to name a few.

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