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During A Friend’s Funeral, Fat Joe Apologized To Someone He Erroneously Accused of Stealing From Him

Recently, while having a discussion in Miami with podcast veterans Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings of Earn Your Leisure during Art Basel, Fat Joe talked about a friend stealing money from him, and the friend was removed from his crew. Sadly, during the funeral of a longtime friend, Terror Squad member Raul Conde earlier this month, Joe stated that while speaking at the occasion, he spotted a friend he wrongly accused of stealing from him and quickly, in front of everyone, apologized to him.

In a video posted by The Hip Hop Wolf on Instagram, Joe talks about the moment he noticed that friend, whom he admits to not speaking to for seven years, in the audience as he was speaking at the funeral, he says, “In the middle of the speech, I said, ‘Yo, I’m sorry, brother. I accused you of something that you didn’t do. I’m sorry.’ But Fat Joe goes and humbles himself, in front of everybody. I said I’m sorry, I did you wrong, I’m sorry.”

Joe goes on to say that people acknowledged what he did after the funeral was over as he was genuinely apologetic.

Now Joe didn’t go into detail about whether the person he spoke about to Bilal and Millings was that friend or if the person he spoke of was the person he found out was the real culprit of stealing money from him.

During the conversation with the podcast host earlier this month, Joe said, “I got my heart broken so many times. I had a best friend, the man was with me every single day for 25 years,” Fat Joe said on the podcast. “I would have died for this person. Or allegedly killed somebody for this person. If Fat Joe bought a Lamborghini, I bought him a Lamborghini. If I bought anything, he had anything.”

After getting a “forensic accountant,” the theft was discovered and that’s when Joe found out.

“So when I go through the taxes, there’s something called a forensic accountant,” Fat Joe recalled. “We looking at everything, and my new accountant looks at me and he [bowed his head]. It says here your best friend is stealing your money and it goes back years. He’s paying his kids’ school, buying his cars with your accounts. We shared accounts where he could just go in my account and get whatever he want.”

Suffice it to say, he kicked the friend out of his crew after finding out what was going on.

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