Entrepreneur Launches Website that Exposes Dishonest Clients

You have heard about public platforms such has Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau, which give customers the opportunity to submit reviews about businesses they’ve hired. But have you heard about the platform that gives companies the floor to review customers?

Founder and CEO of LyingClient.com, Tamera Preacher, launched the website after having three consecutive negative experiences with unruly customers. Preacher says her motivation came after her general contracting company was falsely reported to the BBB. Lyingclient.com allows business owners and entrepreneurs to “clap back” by airing their experiences about troublesome customers.

Preacher initially encountered obstacles with launching the platform because she lacked technical expertise. But she was undetered.

Preacher first sought consultation from an attorney to understand laws about reporting customer information, publicly. Then she set out to secure the right tech professionals to design the website and make it user-friendly and sharable to social media.

Now, in the second year of the site launch, Preacher has amassed a substantial social media following and gained notariety from countless business owners. Her website was recently ranked #1 on Reddit.com as the best platform for it’s innovative approach for reporting “Karen” customers – or individuals displaying unreasonable demands.

LyingClient.com platform features:

Real-time Scam Alerts: Stay informed and avoid falling victim to scams by accessing real-time alerts about fraudulent customer activities.

Directory of Terrible Customer Experiences: Make informed decisions with a comprehensive directory of negative customer experiences.

Advertising for Your Business: Showcase your services to a targeted audience of like-minded professionals on the platform.

Legal Aid Page: Provide legal resources for starting a business, maintaining a business, and legally securing your business.

Tips against Hackers: Safeguard your data and online presence with best practices.

Tips for Cybersecurity: Enhance your cybersecurity knowledge to protect sensitive information effectively.

For more details and/or to sign up for membership, visit LyingClient.com

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