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Eric Biddines to Release ‘The Local Cafe’ January 27th



The FADER Premieres “Whole Trunk,” the Thumping, Southern Fried First Single from the Project



Critical Praise:


“His delivery is unique, featuring high-pitched vocals and a Southern twang that is unmistakable.” – Complex

“[Eric Biddines] sounds like a cross-breed of Andre 3000 and Devin the Dude.”2Dopeboyz

“His music demonstrates a Dungeon Family-like propensity for interweaving harmonious refrains into complex flows to create a sound that sandwiches pure hip hop with layerings of funk and R&B. It’s a sound that doesn’t come by accident.” – BET


The Announcement:


With a pronounced drawl and a deep musical and intellectual curiosity, Florida rapper Eric Biddines makes soulful and reflective Southern rap. Today, Biddines announces the release date of his next project, The Local Cafe, hitting stores on January 27th. His first album since 2013’s planetcoffeebean 2, Eric Biddines’ The Local Cafe is an in-depth exploration of life for an African-American in Palm Beach Country, rich with minute details and lived-in experiences illustrated by Eric’s precise wordplay and intricate songwriting. Featuring appearances from Blaine and Kendra Williams, along with jazzy, atmospheric production mostly from Eric Biddines, himself, The Local Cafe positions the teetotaling Eric Biddines as a unique, sober voice in modern Hip-Hop.

Born and raised in Palm Beach County in a strict household, Eric Biddines developed a passion for music at a young age. Growing up, he listened to Motown and Classic Soul, but his life changed when he discovered Hip-Hop. At the age of 13, Biddines first heard his hero Andre 3000 rap “No drugs or alcohol so I can get the signal clear,” which convinced the young rapper to swear away from drugs and alcohol. Inspired by his love for Southern Rap, Biddines began his own rap career in 2009, building a loyal following and garnering critical acclaim for his music and his message. Though he has not released a full-length since 2013, he released a deluxe version of his planetcoffebean 2 album via Juggernaut Sound/ EMPIRE, in a partnership with music industry veteran, Richie Abbott, and teamed up with producer Paul White to form The Golden Rules, who released their debut Golden Ticket in 2016.

Today, Eric Biddines releases the video for Whole Trunk,” the first single from The Local Cafe. A swampy, bass-heavy anthem with stilting snares and twanging guitars, “Whole Trunk” is an ode to listening to music at full volume in your car: “It don’t bang if the whole trunk don’t knock.” In the video for the self-produced track, Eric tools around in his boxframe Chevy, visiting various neighborhood haunts and basking in the Florida sun. Premiered today by The FADER, “Whole Trunk” is a worthy tribute to Eric’s Dungeon Family heroes and a potent glimpse into The Local Cafe.

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The Local Cafe Tracklist:

1. Sumn To Say (Intro)
2. Towns First Storm
3. Peeuurrnn
4. Railroads Down 3
5. 20$ Loan (interlude)
6. Whole Trunk
7.  Rushing Forever
8. Wrong Path ft. Kendra
9. Worried about
10. Coffee Love
11. Blvd Pimpin
12. One Thing ft. Blaine
13. Fly Butter
14. Lavender Candles
15. Classic Cars
16. Praying Mantis







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The Local Cafe:

“Whole Trunk”:

“Purple Gold Fishes”:

planetcoffeebean 2


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