Erica Dixon Joins Cast of Stage Play 'Unfaithful'

Erica Dixon Joins Cast of Stage Play ‘Unfaithful’

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Playwright Kimberlyn M. Engram’s Emotional, Twist-Turning Autobiographical Stage Play Heads to San Antonio (Jul. 26) , Houston (Jul. 27) and Atlanta, GA (Aug. 4)


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ATLANTA, GA (Tuesday, July 24, 2018) — Lucy’s House Entertainment’s CEO and Playwright Kimberlyn M. Engram has announced today that former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reality TV Star Erica Dixon has joined the touring cast of stage play Unfaithful and replaces singer-actress Teairra Mari. In the emotional, twist turning live production she will take on the supporting role of Camille – a “ride or die” friend.

The Stage and TV Star began her first performance this past Friday in Portsmouth, VA and continues along with Gold-selling legendary R&B artist Shirley Murdock, in the leading male role from America’s Next Top Model and Tyler Perry’s OWN hit drama “If Loving You Is Wrong” Denzel Wells, in a supporting role, lead singer of the legendary R&B group Silk, Gary ‘Lil G’ Jenkins (best known for their 1993 hit single, “Freak Me”, which reached number-one on the US Billboard Hot 100), and introducing emerging actress in the leading female role Taundra Shaw.

Unfaithful is an emotional, twist-turning autobiographical depiction of the harsh realities of infidelity and emotional abuse. The story-line reveals the truth about the seemingly perfect marriage of pompous Army soldier, Kenny (Denzel Wells) and his overly dutiful wife, Rochelle (Taundra Noel Shaw), who is a retired First Sergeant and currently owns a thriving production company. Kenny still considers himself the bread winner so he doesn’t treat his wife as an equal partner in the marriage. At the advice of friends, Rochelle finally decides that it’s time to stop walking on eggshells in her own home and confront Kenny about his behavior. Just as she’s about to take her stance, she uncovers something that changes the entire dynamic of her marriage and decides to make some secret moves of her own. When Kenny decides he will hit Rochelle with a totally unexpected surprise, he discovers that his wife wasn’t as naive as he thought she was. So, the Question is…”Who’s been playing who?”

Shirley Murdock, portrays Kenny’s mother (Delores); and Gary ‘Lil G’ Jenkins portrays one of Kenny’s friends (Eric). The cast also includes Kaila Anderson ‘who will play Kenny’s daughter, Briana’, Monique Barsh ‘will play Trina, Rochelle’s friend’, Jay Windsor ‘plays Kenny’s friend and confidant, Darren’, Rose Short ‘plays Rochelle’s comedic assistant, Kelli’, Courtney Lockwood ‘plays Kenny’s comedic friend, James’, Zhane Moussa ‘plays Asia, who is Brianna’s best friend’ and Bobbe McNeal ‘plays the Police Officer’.

Unfaithful will continue performances this week at The Tobin Center for the Performing Arts on July 26 at 7pm in San Antonio, TX, followed by engagements in Houston on July 27 at Stafford Centre at 7pm and Atlanta, GA on Aug 4 at Center Stage at 8pm. Tickets for these three cities can be purchased at

For more information or to purchase Tickets please visit or 254-242-1201.

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About Kimberlyn M. Engram:
Kimberlyn E. Engram, CEO of Lucy’s House Entertainment is a retired Army veteran who served over 21 years of active duty in the United States Army. In October 2014, after retiring from the military, Kimberlyn was able to pursue her passion of writing full time and started her own company, Lucy’s House Entertainment, LLC. Since then Kimberlyn has written and directed several short plays including four major productions, Family Secrets & Curses, Dirty Laundry, Let God Make Him a Man and her most recent play Unfaithful. Kimberlyn is a survivor who has overcome various obstacles and used those adversities as fuel to create literary masterpieces.

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