Erick Sermon Goes 'Back 2 The Party' With Salt-N-Pepa Before Releasing His Next Album

Erick Sermon Goes ‘Back 2 The Party’ With Salt-N-Pepa Before Releasing His Next Album

Erick Sermon, music producer and one-half of the seminal hip-hop group EPMD is dropping an album titled, “Dynamic Duos” and he just released the first single, a collaboration with Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, Salt-N-Pepa.

The single, “Back 2 The Party” features the Queens-bred emcees joining with Long Island’s “Green Eyed Bandit” to add to the legacy of both legendary acts who still perform to large crowds around the globe. Barely a year after the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the genre, Sermon gets right back in the studio to continue blessing recording artists with tracks that may keep their careers going for the future generation of artists and fans to witness why they became legendary.

“The idea of the Dynamic Duos album started by putting together artists from my era that people forgot about. Before the recognition that hip-hop’s 50th anniversary brought to my era, I wanted to put something special together,” Sermon said in a written statement.

The song, “Back 2 The Party” has Salt and Pepa spitting lyrics over a recognizable Stephanie Mills song, “What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin’” that was released in 1979 off the album of the same name.

The single is the lead from the album that pits Sermon with familiar hip-hop artists like Cypress Hill, Method Man, Redman, Mobb Deep, Salt-N-Pepa, MOP, Snoop Dogg, and more. This record was co-produced by Rockwilder and he also posted it on his Instagram account.

The upcoming album will be distributed through Sparta+ under 300 Entertainment but no release date for the album has been announced.

Last year on an October episode of the My Expert Opinion podcast, Sermon revealed that Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 Cent, was an unofficial member of Def Squad. He would have most likely signed with Def Squad if he didn’t get shot nine times in 2000. Three years later, he signed with Eminem’s Shade Records.

Erick Sermon Goes ‘Back 2 The Party’ With Salt-N-Pepa Before Releasing His Next Album

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