Erika Kendrick Continues Tour Through Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Erika Kendrick Continues Tour Through Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Erika Kendrick Continues Tour Through Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Mental Fitness Workbook, Who Moved My Happy?” shares 10 mental fitness steps.


National Speaker, Author, MBA and two time suicide survivor Erika Kendrick is gearing up for the second leg of her “Who Moved My Happy Tour”, September, 2017, during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month. She will continue to promote her highly acclaimed mental fitness workbook “Who Moved My Happy?” While talking to audiences of all backgrounds and ages, Erika shares her story of ‘brain pain” and suicide survival while inspiring hope by creating safe spaces for life-saving conversations.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ranks suicide as the 10th highest cause for death in the US. In comparison, it slots in higher than homicide (murder) which is listed as the 16th highest cause for death in the United States. In almost all cases, suicide can be traced to unrecognized, untreated or poorly treated mental illness. It can happen to people of either sex, any race or ethnicity and any economic status.

The “Who Moved My Happy?” Mental Fitness Workbook teaches The Incredible 10: the ten Mental Fitness Steps to becoming happier, healthier, and empowered on your journey through life, especially when dealing with mental illness. The lifestyle steps are broken down into very real and basic strategies that allow readers to rediscover pleasures, learn powerful feel-good coping strategies, and engage in life in new and meaningful way. The workbook is designed for all ages; it is approachable, fun, and progressive – a necessary go-to guide for anyone on their path to ultimate wellness. Despite the epic challenges of mental illness, Erika remains determined to conquer bipolar disorder, psychosis, anxiety, and major depression. The Mental Fitness Workbook has been essential in helping her find and own her HAPPY and thrive in extraordinary ways, including graduating from Stanford University, dancing on the sidelines as a Chicago Bulls NBA cheerleader, completing her MBA in marketing and international business, and becoming a published Random House author. 


About Erika

Erika J Kendrick is an acclaimed author, a national speaker, and a mental fitness junkie. She earned a psychology degree from Stanford University and an MBA in marketing and international business from the University of Illinois. Erika was an NBA cheerleader for the Chicago Bulls before writing her novel, Confessions of a Rookie Cheerleader (Random House, 2007). She penned Appetite (Random House, 2009), and The Accidental Escort (Cleis Press, 2010) shortly after. She is the CEO of Mental Fitness for Life where she launched her latest Mental Fitness tour, “Who Moved My Happy?” The celebrated author is currently touring her new book, “Who Moved My Happy?” the Mental Fitness Workbook: a go-to guide for finding your ultimate HAPPY.

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