Evan Barlow- FIGHT!

Evan Barlow- FIGHT!

Evan Barlow- FIGHT!









The Richmond native boldly stands for equality and independence in powerful new visual

Fight Snapshot

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RICHMOND, VA (May 5, 2016) – Evan Barlow lashes out at the extreme levels of hypocrisy that our United States government continues to exploit. The multi-talented rapper/singer continues to fearlessly leave his mark on the music industry with the release of a compelling new visual for his song “Fight.” Eloquently delivering an emotionally-charged anthem for equality and freedom, Evan chants Fight for the freedom they say that we have – F*ck what the government says, this is our life and our way…that’s why we fight. -Question the government, question the people who run it, and question the people that govern it, because we look like puppets. – If everyone came together, we all could be one with it. Together we stand, United we stay.”

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Evan releases his bold new video on the heels of the success of his recent singles “The Fix”, “Window” Feat Shanica Knowles and “Come Together.” The talented artist continues to shine in a lane of his own as he speaks the truth about current events, his real life battle with drug addiction and recovery, while offering hope to a melting pot of music lovers everywhere.

Barlow is set to release his abstract yet fluent body of music titled “FABRICS” during the summer of this year. He’s worked with notable artists on his new project including the talented producer Bink (Kanye West, Jay Z), the phenomenal Pop Wansel producers “Some Randoms,” Chally (signed to Timbaland), Macklemore’s horn players Greg Kramer and Ouwor Arunga, and more.

For the latest news and updates about Evan Barlow, follow him onTwitterandInstagram: @evanbarlowmusic

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