Exotic Pop Announces Launch of Exclusive New Créme Soda Line

Exotic Pop Announces Launch of Exclusive New Créme Soda Line

Houston’s Exotic Pop, known globally for its rare sodas, snacks and beverage collaborations with the hip-hop community, today announced the release of the first flavor of their new line of exclusive Créme Sodas, marking a milestone for the company with their first-ever signature beverage line formulated entirely in-house!


Exotic Pop Vanilla Créme Soda, the first of six new flavors to be released from the exclusive premium cream sodas line, is now available online and at the Cupcake Kitchen Houston and other select retailers. The other Crémes flavors will be available at retailers nationwide and online at exoticpop.com, with U.S. and international shipping available, this August.


The brand’s six new Créme Soda flavors, which include Vanilla Créme, French Vanilla Créme, Peach Créme, Pineapple Créme, Banana Créme and Blu Créme, mark the first time that Exotic Pop has made its own formulations for sodas, ushering in a new era for the company!


“We looked at the popularity of all the different flavors in our current sodas and juices to come up with six premium flavors to develop the Crémes line,” says Exotic Pop CEO and founder Charleston Wilson. “This is the first time we’ve been able to truly create a product of our own from start to finish, and we’re incredibly proud of the outcome.”


The 8.4 oz Exotic Pop Crémes are a delicious treat straight from the can or poured over ice, but they are also designed to be used as quick, convenient, flavorful mixers. Top a shot of coconut rum with Pineapple Créme for a quick and easy Piña Colada cooler or add coffee liqueur to Vanilla Créme for a refreshing version of an Irish Coffee or try Peach Créme with Bourbon or Cognac for a rich, fruity and bubbly cocktail.


The premium Crémes flavors join Exotic Pop’s collection of more than 100 creative beverages, including sodas and juices created in collaboration with Soulja Boy, Lil’ Keke, DJ Screw and a host of other celebrities from the rap and hip-hop worlds. Internationally known as the “Unique Beverage Boutique”, Exotic Pop is one of the only places you can find rare, nostalgic and some of the most sought-after beverages and treats sourced from around the globe!


Launched out of the trunk of a car in 2017, Exotic Pop started as a side hustle for Wilson to track down and bring nostalgic and elusive sodas and snacks to Houston. Since then, the company has blossomed into a multi-million-dollar global niche business and an authentic culture and hip-hop beverage brand that brings legendary entertainers and soda connoisseurs together for a greater purpose. Celebrities in the rap and hip-hop community are not only fans of the exclusive flavors but also clients, brand ambassadors and partners who share in the brand’s success.

In 2019, Wilson successfully closed a licensing and bottling deal with PepsiCo to launch Exotic Pop’s own signature line of beverages, with product labels and flavors integrated with fashion, art, and rap and hip-hop music that distinctly represent and contribute to its culture. In addition to the new signature Crémes, Wilson has expanded the brand to include cool cups and merchandise and is currently collaborating with some legendary rap and hip-hop artists on a new line of signature products, including one for pets!

The launch of Exotic Pop Crémes comes just weeks before the opening of Exotic Pop’s new flagship store in Houston’s historic Third Ward!   The new store will be a place to enjoy Exotic Pop Crémes, along with the brand’s vast inventory of products, and interact with the Houston and hip-hop communities that love it.

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