Fans of Tory Lanez Start Petition to Appeal Guilty Verdict Immediately

Fans of Tory Lanez Start Petition to Appeal Guilty Verdict Immediately

Fans of Tory Lanez Start Petition to Appeal Guilty Verdict Immediately

The Tory Lanez trial has divided fans of both the Canadian recording artist and Megan Thee Stallion who testified against him before a jury found him guilty of shooting the Texas rapper in the foot. After the verdict was announced, a petition from dedicated Lanez fans has been started to have his appeal heard immediately.

On the day that the verdict was announced, Yasin Toure’ took to the platform to immediately protest the guilty decision that was made against Lanez. The artist was found guilty of the three felony charges that were filed against him. Carrying a loaded and unregistered firearm in a vehicle; assault with a semiautomatic handgun; and discharging a firearm with gross negligence. At sentencing, Lanez will face up to 22 years in prison and can possibly be deported back to his native Canada.

Toure feels that the verdict was unfair and that Black men are not protected. Stating that a “majority middle class group of white women” should not be the deciders of his fate in a justice system that treats Black men as criminals regardless of what the evidence shows.

“Tory Lanez was found Guilty of all charges and it is a true miscarriage of justice! The state did not prove that Lanez undoubtedly committed any crime. Reasonable doubt loomed over a 10 day trial as the prosecution was unable to show us that there were not alternative explanations of the events. A circus of speculation, insufficient evidence, inconsistencies, and drunken memories left us without much moral certainty of any truth. Meanwhile, the jury selection itself may have put him in a terrible position to begin with. If the prosecution believed their victim’s account, why was Tory not charged with attempted murder and kidnapping? Instead gave lesser charges that they were still unable to prove without doubt. He now faces almost 30 years in prison and deportation!!!”

The amount of people who agree with Toure has reached over 38,000 as the signatures are still reaching toward the goal of 50,000.

A very detailed explanation of Toure’s thought process was written out in the petition. Although the petitioner feels that the verdict is wrong, Toure also stated that the petition is “not to tear down nor chatise Megan Thee Stallion, but it is about asking our justice system to do the right thing.”

Last week, a jury consisting of five men and seven women reached a guilty verdict on all charges after they deliberated for 24 hours. Lanez, whose legal name is Daystar Peterson, had pleaded not guilty to shooting Megan. 

The sentencing has been scheduled for Jan. 27. After the verdict was announced, Lanez, who was previously on house before being free on bail immediately was taken into custody.

Fans of Tory Lanez Start Petition to Appeal Guilty Verdict Immediately

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