Felicia Dortch

Felicia Dortch: ‘Learn As Much As you Can About Business’

Being a single mother of four is a job in itself, especially in today’s challenging times. But, somehow Felicia Dortch is managing motherhood with her many other titles, which include author, publisher, registered nurse, public speaker, model, and entrepreneur.

In an interview with The Industry Cosign, the multi-hyphenated domestic abuse survivor talks about how she put her faith in God to find success.

What motivates you to be an entrepreneur while managing your day job?

The motivation stems from the lack of ability to have my own schedule and be there for my children when it really counts without having to request days off or hope to get paid for being off. I am a registered nurse so being off is difficult considering the need is so great. Also, the ability to control what I make. With the position that I have at this time, I receive a set amount of pay with no increase unless I receive a raise. I want the sky to be the limit as to what I can bring home, not what a company deems sufficient.

How do you find the time to run your own business?

I am very strategic and I schedule everything. I have a “family command center” at which I have my schedule and my children’s schedule. They understand that if it is not on the schedule, it will not be done or they will not go. I keep a calendar book and I utilize it to the fullest. I also block out family time to make sure I don’t neglect what’s most important to me.

Being a writer, how and where do you draw inspiration?

I’ve been writing since a very early age. I love creating stories, and my children, past hurts, and life experiences are where I draw my inspiration.

Why did you decide to start your own publishing company and what goals do you have for it?

I decided to start my company because I got very frustrated and felt like giving up. The companies I called felt so out of reach for me and my vision. So I prayed about it and honestly, the training and launch fell into my lap. My goal is to help those that feel the same way. The ones that have a story but can’t get it out. Those who have a story that needs to be told. I want to be accessible to those people.

With the current pandemic crisis taking over our lives, how has it affected you and how you work?

Actually, it has helped my business. On one hand, due to the type of nursing I do, which is a Nurse Analyst, I am able to work from home, therefore I have more time on my hands to work for my publishing company. On the other, people are bored and need something to do. So why not write. I gained 10 clients during this pandemic.

What would you suggest to anyone who is interested in starting their own business?

I would say do your research. Learn as much as you can about that business. Also, pray and make sure that it’s your destiny because if it’s not, the doors won’t open. Lastly, get a coach! Someone that REALLY knows what they are doing and has the receipts to prove it. Someone like Dave Anderson. He has been a Godsend. He pushes you beyond where you can even see.

What are your future business plans? Where do you want to see your business heading?

I want to continue to build and expand. I am currently in the process of launching my social media marketing firm. I am a model, and I also just signed a contract to co-write movies. I hope to become a household name per se, and most importantly, I want to continue to walk in the path set before me by God.


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