Fleet-O: Let Me Live

Fleet-O: Let Me Live


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NEW MUSIC ALERT: Fleet-O drops
Let Me LiveEastside Harlem rapper, Fleet-O released new single, “Let Me Live” produced by Carvo Music

By Nadya Nataly

Fleet-O has rapidly transformed into a vociferous rapper on the verge of hip-hop takeover  — holding no punches “Let Me Live” is an aggressive song forewarning others to stay out of his lane. “I’m ready for war“, he raps.

Fleet-O and Carvo Music go red on this track.  Fleet-O flows aggressive, nonmelodic beat made with an Akai MPC heavy drum with live hi-hat and cymbals over a transparent sample of Shirley Bassey’s 1968, “This Is My Life.”

I won’t stop until I’m on top/Let the ink bleed/Words coming straight for the heart/You got to feel me,” he raps braggadocious.

When making the track, Carvo Music shared it was a musical way to tell people “fuck off.”  Fleet-O, catching the vibe, rapped candidly about dealing with people and their “fuckery” without quite saying, “Fuck You.” “Let Me Live” is an honest and truculent record.

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