Former University of Central Florida Football Player Otis Anderson Jr. Shot And Killed By Father

Former University of Central Florida Football Player Otis Anderson Jr. Shot And Killed By Father

A former football player who attended and played at the University of Central Florida (UCF) was shot and killed by his father after an altercation about the former player’s girlfriend’s dog.

According to ESPN, former UCF running back Otis Anderson Jr., who was recently connected with the Los Angeles Rams on the NFL team’s practice squad was shot and killed by his father, Otis Anderson Sr. at his parents’ home in Jacksonville, Florida. The tragic incident happened on Monday.

The Los Angeles Rams also released a statement via their Twitter account.

According to News 4 Jax, in an arrest report that was released by the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office on Tuesday, Denise Anderson, Otis Jr.’s mother informed the police that her son and her husband, Otis Sr., were engaged in an argument that intensified and then involved her. Denise Anderson stated that her husband was bitten by Otis Jr.’s girlfriend’s dog. An argument ensued when an angry Otis Sr. confronted his son came downstairs to see what happened.

Denise then said that Otis Jr. was told to go back upstairs and that’s when she and Otis Sr. engaged in an argument. Otis Jr. came back downstairs when his father flipped a recliner. The two of them got into another altercation and it appeared that the father and son were going to fight. After they were separated, Denise stated that they met back inside the kitchen.

The next part of the police report is redacted, but it appears that Otis Jr. appeared to have been shot in his chest and back.

Police officers were called to the residence where they found Otis Jr. suffering from a gunshot wound to his chest. Denise had suffered from multiple graze wounds, was hospitalized, and then released. Her son was pronounced dead at the scene.

Otis Sr. has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder. He was being held without bond and appointed a public defender. He will be appearing back in court on Dec. 22.

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