Freeway Rick Ross Launches Freeway Ventures

Freeway Rick Ross Launches Freeway Ventures

Freeway Rick Ross announced the formation of Freeway Ventures, an organization dedicated to uplifting impoverished communities with no nonsense, real world solutions. Freeway Ventures intends to utilize Freeway Rick Ross as a personality in an effort to identify, develop, establish, and monetize multiple revenue streams created by this Rick Ross brand.

Core to its mission, Freeway Ventures aims to provide business opportunities, training, and support to formerly incarcerated and underserved men and women enabling them to become progressing contributing members of our community.

After being released from a life sentence in federal prison, Rick Ross vowed to help improve impoverished communities. Some call him a legend, others call him a positive mentor; all things considered Freeway Rick Ross is an icon.

Allison Margolin, Partner at Margolin and Lawrence said “Rick Ross, embodies what second chances and redemption are all about. Since his release from prison he has established himself as a force in business, and is building an impressive career as an activist, philanthropist and entrepreneur.”

Currently traveling the country, promoting his autobiography titled Freeway Rick Ross, Rick, CEO of Freeway Ventures says, “I’m excited about using my life experiences for good in the hood. The team I have put together will help me make an impact in our community.”

Freeway Ventures was established by Rick Ross the famous reformed drug kingpin. Reportedly, Rick Ross made more than $600 million dollars in the 1980’s. Rick Ross was sentenced to life in prison in 1996 after trying to purchase more than 100 kilograms of cocaine from a federal agent. After his case was brought to a federal court of appeals, Freeway’s sentence was reduced to 20 years; shortly thereafter his sentence was further reduced for being a model inmate. He was released from prison on September 29, 2009. Rick Ross is highly sought after to speak and mentor millions of people across America. He’s written and released an autobiography called “Freeway Rick Ross – The Untold Autobiography”.

Rick Ross wants to leave a legacy as an inspirational mentor to underserved communities and people across all walks of life. He plans to make life better for himself, his family and the people that find themselves around him.

SOURCE Freeway Ventures, LLC


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