Fringe Character - Pleiades (feat. Daewong, Red Leonard, Dudu Stinks)

Fringe Character – Pleiades (feat. Daewong, Red Leonard, Dudu Stinks)


‘INSECURE’ Featured Hip-Hop Fusion Act Fringe Character Release Their New Video “Pleiades”

Song is best described as a “banger with heart.”


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“Cherry Bomb” appeared on HBO’s ‘Insecure’

Viceland‘s “King of the Road” used Fringe Character’s “The Charm Will Fade” in a recent episode

Video premiered by HHS1987

New Video: Fringe Character “Pleiades” Feat. Daewong, Red Leonard & Dudu Stinks

Fringe Character (who is multi-instrumentalist and producer Turrnt Vonnegut) recently released their new album ‘Phases.’ Bandcamp calls ‘Phases’ a “delightful, inside-out, Hip-Hop-influenced cockeyed pop music, with woozy vocal harmonies and rubbery synths.

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Of the new album, Fringe Character says:

“The first lyric on this record is “live”, and the last is “cycle”. This music is for people who
been to the edge, and people who been through the center. Chances are music has
spoken to you. I want you to feel this.

This album is a very distinct marker for me as I’m starting to get to the point where I can
really write and produce my mind state. I’m starting recognize and react to my own
personal energies and turn on and let it flow. Everything is increasingly happening in
the mind. Suffering leads to growth. I’m trying to reach a gamma state. I’m really
enjoying progressing my skills and learning simple truths about creating with and
working with people. The whole thing really is a beautiful dance.”

‘Phases’ Tracklisting:

1k Honey (feat. GregB)
Pleiades (feat. Daewong, Red Leonard, Dudu Stinks)
Star Washer (feat. GregB)
Neon (feat. Fivy, Dudu Stinks)
Star Quake (feat. Daewong, GregB, Dudu Stinks)
Deep Field (feat. Mr. Jackson)
Golden Age I (feat. GregB)
Golden Age II (feat. Dudu Stinks, GregB, Daewong)
Hydroplane (feat. Dudu Stinks, Daewong)
Fantasy Empire (feat. MC Zulu)
Fantasy Trouble (feat. Daewong)


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