From Actor to Feature Film Director – Daniel Kaluuya

Oscar winning Actor, Daniel Kaluuya, is making his directorial debut in “The Kitchen.” The sci-fi film, which has been in development for 10 years, depicts the black British experience in a dystopian universe. Kaluuya says that his challenging new role is “humbling.” It became easier to do once he focused on being honest, instead of good or great.

The film, which Kaluuya also co-wrote, is based around a community determined to protect its home, “The Kitchen,” from a domineering police state.

Following “Get Out,” Kaluuya’s career took off with roles in “Black Panther,” “Queen & Slim,” and “Judas and the Black Messiah.”

Kaluuya said his Oscar win JBM propelled him to his new position as Director for “The Kitchen.”

“I definitely want to do directing. All roads have been leading to this,” said Kaluuya. Now, his goal is to make what he calls “soul movies” or “something that moves you.”

The film was released in select UK theaters on January 12, and will release again on Netflix on January 19.


By Hana Glinski

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