FUBU Studios Partners With Pantheum Studios For $450M Deal

Pantheum Studios, a subsidiary of Euldora Financial, announced a a $450 million, 30-picture partnership with For Us By Us (FUBU) Studios.

The partnership will be over the next three years as it allows FUBU to help showcase diverse voices and perspectives while pushing creative boundaries and inspiring audiences worldwide. The partnership is being led by J. Alexander Martin, (co-Founder of FUBU and CEO of For Us By Us Studios), Roberto “Rush” Evans, (co-CEO of For Us By Us Studios), John Askew (President of For Us By Us Studios), Dexter Miller (VP of Community Development of For Us By Us Studios), Jeremy L. Christensen (Founder and CEO of Euldora Financial and Pantheum Studios), Cristhian Andrews (Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer of Euldora Financial and Pantheum Studios), and Jeff Wallner (President of Production of Euldora Financial & Pantheum Studios).

“Partnering with Euldora Financial and Pantheum Studios is a tremendous opportunity for For Us By Us Studios,” said J. Alexander Martin in a written statement. “We are thrilled to bring our diverse perspectives and unwavering commitment to authenticity to this collaborative venture. Collectively, we will create groundbreaking content that celebrates inclusivity and resonates with audiences worldwide.”

The collaboration between the two entities will allow For Us By Us Studios to expand into the film industry, where they will solidify their commitment to championing diversity and innovation in entertainment production.

Euldora Financial manages multiple alternative asset classes, including private equity, infrastructure, real estate, and asset-backed investments focusing mostly on the entertainment industry.

“I am honored to join forces with such esteemed colleagues in this cutting-edge production studio,” said Christensen. “Together, we will redefine the industry landscape and create impactful content that resonates with audiences globally.” With a shared commitment to creativity, diversity, and excellence, both parties look forward to shaping the future of entertainment production and inspiring audiences around the world.

The fashion brand, FUBU was started in 1992 by MartinDaymond JohnKeith Perrin, and Carlton Brown. FUBU has always pushed the boundaries of creativity and self-expression and will continue to do so with this latest partnership outside of fashion. The FUBU brand has expanded in recent years with each founder branching out to start other ventures including HotelFUBU, FUBU Radio, and Shark Branding.

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