G-Unit Film & Television Studio Officially Launches In Louisiana

After announcing in December 2023 that he would be opening the G-Unit Film & Television Studio in Shreveport, La., 50 Cent has revealed that the studio has officially launched.

According to The Shreveport Times, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson appeared with Mayor Tom Arceneaux and City Council members to welcome the opening of G-Unit Film & Television Studio. Along with signing the lease, the mayor declared April 18 Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Day and gave the “Many Man” rapper a key to the city.

“Ladies, gentlemen, Mayor Tom Arceneaux and the wonderful people of Shreveport, it is an honor for me to stand before you here today. As someone who’s always believed in the transformative power of music, film and television, I’m really excited to show you the expansion of film and television through G-Unit Studio right here in Shreveport,” Jackson told the crowd.


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Fox 8 Live reported that the entrepreneurial lyricist obtained a lease for the city-owned studio for an annual cost of $2,400. The city council voted unanimously to approve allowing the G-Unit boss to lease what was once known as Millennium Studio. 50 agreed to manage the building maintenance as it was approved for a 30-year lease with an option to renew for another 15 years.

In an exclusive statement to Billboard, 50 said, “From the gritty narratives of the streets to the compelling stories that define our era, G-Unit has always been more than just entertainment; it’s a platform for voices that need to be heard, stories that need to be told. Bringing G-Unit Studios to Shreveport is not just a business decision; it’s a commitment to fostering talent, creating opportunities, and building a community that thrives through creativity and innovation. We see Shreveport as a beacon of inspiration and creativity.”

About a year ago, 50 posted a short video clip teasing the 985,000-square-foot G-Unit Film & Television Studio, promising his followers that it was forthcoming.


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