Garcelle Beauvais Launches Own Jewelry Line, Garcelle x Roni Blanshay, as She Prepares Book Release

Garcelle Beauvais Launches Own Jewelry Line, Garcelle x Roni Blanshay, as She Prepares Book Release

You may have seen her several years ago on the Jamie Foxx Show, NYPD Blue, and/or recently on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real. She has built a successful career as an actor and she is also an entrepreneur with her own production company and thrives as a philanthropist. Now, Garcelle Beauvais is ready to enter the fashion world as she has recently launched her very own jewelry line.

The reality TV star and talk show host has just introduced Garcelle x Roni Blanshay.  With her own collection, she is offering earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The entrepreneur stays busy with a production company Beauvais Wilson Productions, as an author and through her work helping women and girls through her close work with Step Up Women’s Network.

The Industry Cosign was given an opportunity to speak with Beauvais about her new jewelry line, her upcoming book, and what advice she’d give to someone looking to have a successful career.

Being known for your acting, what motivated you to become an entrepreneur with Beauvais Wilson Productions and more recently, your own jewelry line, Garcelle x Roni Blanshay?

I’ve always been someone that likes to “wear a lot of hats”. I am an artist at heart, and therefore anything that has to do with art inspires me. Collaborating with Roni Blanshay for my first fashion endeavor was so exciting!  I combined my love of fashion and jewelry with my entrepreneurial drive to create some amazing for women all over!  I also love telling stories, especially ones that are positively inspiring and moving, so starting my production company with my producing partner, Lisa L Wilson, was a no-brainer!

With Garcelle x Roni Blanshay, what inspired you to start the collection and what future plans do you have for the line?

I was a fan of the RB brand for many years, and after a few conversations with Roni, I knew that when the opportunity to create a line with them came to fruition, I had to jump at the chance! We were able to merge many parts of me with some sparkle to give a variety of accessories for every modern chic woman.  What’s to come?  More glitz and glam of course!

You’ve just announced the spring release of your book, Love Me As I Am. What is the book about and how long did you work on it?

I’m so excited to share my memoir, Love Me As I Am, with the world. It just felt like the right time to tell my story of how I found myself in a more in-depth way. It’s a book about my journey and is a mixture of funny, moving & sometimes sad truths, and I hope it inspires other women to stay strong, be independent, and love themselves.  My writing partner Nicole E Smith and I worked on it for close to a year, so, you better believe, no page was left unturned.

What would you say to someone who approached you seeking advice on how to be successful in what they do?

I would say “persevere”. If it’s something you truly want to do, do not let someone telling you “no” set you back.  Keep fighting the good fight, be professional, and do your work.  Show up on time and put your all into whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.  Dedication and faith are incredibly important and have helped steer me in the right direction many times throughout my career.

What’s next for you? What should we be looking out for in the near future?

Whenever someone says “what’s next” I always think, “we have to ask God because he’s in charge”. But, in an ideal world, some goals that I have set in place for myself are to continue growing my brand whether that be expanding more in my acting career, production company, or developing a second season for Garcelle x Roni Blanshay.  I also want to continue being the best hands-on mom and grandmother that I can be not to mention, finding love!  And finally, I want to continue using my platform for good.

Garcelle Beauvais Launches Own Jewelry Line, Garcelle x Roni Blanshay, as She Prepares Book Release

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