Geechi Suede of Camp Lo to Release '0.9 NyteLife FM' on December 2nd

Geechi Suede of Camp Lo to Release ‘0.9 NyteLife FM’ on December 2nd

Geechi Suede of Camp Lo


presents “0.9 NyteLife FM”



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As one half of groundbreaking hip-hop duo Camp Lo, Geechi Suede has been painting exquisite lyrical portraits over lush soundscapes for nearly two decades. Coming off the success of the latest Camp Lo album Ragtime Hightimes and a recent tour alongside Digable Planets, Geechi Suede is proud to announce his new project, 0.9 NyteLife FM. While fans wait for the next Camp Lo album (coming in 2017), 0.9 NyteLife FM will be available at all digital outlets on December 2nd, 2016. Right now it is available for pre-order on iTunes

0.9 NyteLife FM Official Trackliist

1. Intro Skit prodused by ReXxX and E

2. Phone Check – produced by SaL GuoD

3. Ahhh 1-2 Skit produced by ReXxX and E

4. Limozini – produced by SaL GuoD

5. ReLiving – (Skit produced by ReXxX and E)

6. Soleil – produced by SaL GuoD

7. Gambler featuring Nikki P – produced by SaL GuoD

8. Love Story – Skit prod by ReXxX and E

9. Dutchess – produced by SaL GuoD

10. Gallery 77 – produced by Rocko

11. Serious Connection Skit produced by ReXxX and E

12. Internet Connection – produced by SaL GuoD

13. Uzi Doobies – produced by SaL GuoD

14. Cleophus Climax – Skit produced by ReXxX and E

15. Purple Porsche – produced by SaL GuoD

16. Sun, Moon, and Stars – produced by SaL GuoD

17. #HHPOV Heroes HQ – Skit prod by ReXxX and E

18. 0.9 – produced by SaL GuoD

19. Sound Of View – produced by SaL GuoD

20. Blown – produced by SaL GuoD

21. Outro – Skit produced by ReXxX and E


YLK 5695 18189



Phone Check 1st Single
We came up in a era where if you were inspired or influenced by someone or something you acknowledged it and paid them respect. They don’t do that these days…. So Geechi Suede states, “Don’t make me have to call your name out” on the first single “Phone Check”

Click here to see the official video for —> “Phone Check”

YLK 6703 18951

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Stay Tuned for the Camp Lo 20th Anniversary Project and their new album “On the Way Uptown”

Legendary Rap duo Camp Lo and Legendary music producer Skibeatz gear up to drop their new album “On The Way Uptown.” The Camp Lo Demo’s a nostalgic walk back into the late 90’s before the release of their debut album Uptown Saturday Night. Camp Lo & Skibeatz release the visuals for a “Piece of the Action” as the first release from the forthcoming album as featured on



Don’t forget the brilliance behind the boards on 0.9 NyteLife FM

Mixed by Legendary Mix

SaL GuoD
who has worked with worked with DJ Kay Slay, HaddyRacks, CampLo, JungleBoogieBrown, NeekBucks, DylanDilli

▪ IG/Twitter – @SaL_GuoD

▪ SoundCloud – SaL GuoD




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