Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey - The Meek

Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey – The Meek

Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey Release New Music Video
The Meek

Gensu Dean & Denmark Vessey

New Video – The Meek
“The fleek shall inherit the Earth,
and the meek shall be buried in dirt,
ain’t nothing sweet”

Today we have a new music video from producer Gensu Dean and rapper Denmark Vessey. The talented duo put together an album called “Whole Food” that’s out now everywhere. The duo take on New York while trading stories and dropping knowledge.  The song originally debuted on Noisy/Vice (read here) as a single before the album release but has become an album favorite and got the video treatment. Gensu has produced for everyone from David Banner to Ol Dirty, though he may be best known recently for his album with Planet Asia.  On the microphone, Denmark Vessey lights things up – and for those not familiar yet, he’s received endorsements from legends like House Shoes all the way to new killer Earl Sweatshirt. The song – “The Meek” – weighs the Biblical vs. the reality of the streets and asks listeners to decide where to put their faith.

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“Ain’t nothing sweet
If you sheep, if you scary, pray to Mary in church
Hope the beads on your rosary work”

Album Available Now
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About The Album
These days everything you consume has to be checked – a vibrant outside can hide a genetically modified Frankenstein interior. Finding that 100% organically grown with no artificial rhymes can be difficult. This album is for those looking for something less calculated. Powerful production runs the range from soulful, funk filled, and hard knocking to cool, laid back easy nodders. The rhymes are politically aware without taking themselves to serious – so from the occasional judo chop to the need for sexy, dirty slutty money – Denmark explores life from the perspective of a man who grew up on minimum wage and butter sandwiches. Lyrics don’t sugar coat anything -no matter how rough that truth might appear: “The fleek shall inherit the Earth and the meek shall be buried in dirt – ain’t nothing sweet.” Denmark delivers existential truths while still throwing in a “where the hoes at?” A street savvy album that explores Black love, brutality, capitalism’s grip on our daily thoughts, and the connection it all has to our ancestors.

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