Gramps Morgan Announces Partnership with Java'Mon Coffee

Gramps Morgan Announces Partnership with Java’Mon Coffee

Gramps Morgan Announces Partnership with Java'Mon Coffee


According to medical news, coffee provides various possible health benefits such as protecting against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, liver cancer, and promoting a healthy heart.




Gramps Morgan Farms Teams Up with Java’Mon Coffee.”Catch an IRIE Feelin wit da Java’Mon Coffee – it a di best a di best“!

Having recently launched Gramps Morgan Farms to rave reviews, CEO Gramps Morgan announced the partnership with Java’Mon Coffee as both companies share a common belief in the coolness of being conscious, the promotion of reggae, coffee and Caribbean culture. “Our vision for spreading cool vibes and feeding the world with the best coffee and hot sauce while promoting social responsibility in an authentic and conscious manner is the focus of our union.” stated the Grammy award winner.

If Reggae music had a taste it would undoubtedly be sweet and spicy, and leave a lingering memory to all your senses. Gramps Morgan Farms and Java’Mon Coffee embody full and bold flavors combining the warmth of the tropics with the passion of the Virgin Islands.



(L to R) – Gramps Morgan and Brian Cunningham


Created in 2013 on the beautiful island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands by Mindy and Brian Cunningham to feed their love and passion for coffee, reggae music and Caribbean culture, Java’Mon Coffee sources their beans from regions of the world where elevation, climate, and rainfall provide the perfect conditions for cultivating the coffee plant. “Our selection of da perfect blend of beans are small-batch roasted daily under da watchful eyes of our masta’ roasta’mon. Da result; a unique coffee wit an aroma, body, and flava, pleasing to da senses and promoting dat Caribbean IRIE feelin’. Each blend is hand crafted to captcha da inspiration, flava and feelin’ of da islands.”

Java’Mon flavors include Espresso, Cinnamon Bay, Chocolate Hole, Honeymoon and our Java’Mon Signature St. John blend. Whether in a latte, cappuccino, espresso or all American coffee you are sure to find your favorite! The Royal Gramps Morgan Blend soon come!



Espresso Roast – An authentic blend of beans Italian Style, roasted to perfection to produce a unique and balanced flavor profile that is not too strong yet not too light, with a rich full cream only the way our Java’Mon can.

Cinnamon Bay Blend – Like it’s namesake, our Cinnamon Bay Blend is unforgettable. Lively and full-bodied with a creamy smooth and sweet taste, and a rich flavor of warm roasted hazelnuts and cinnamon.

Chocolate Hole – A memorable and unique blend of Java’Mon coffee. A robust, spicy, intensely fruity blend with hints of bittersweet chocolate and wine with great acidity, big bold body and great finish. Due to the heavy percentage of naturally processed coffee in this blend, it packs a level of sweetness and fruitiness not present in many other blends.


Honeymoon Beach – The perfect combination of beauty and passion. Grown only on the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe, the unique flavor of pure Zimbabwe coffee is recognized by coffee aficionados as one of the world’s classic single origin coffees. Smooth and mellow, our Honeymoon Beach blend is delicately balanced with a lively finish, reflective of our farm’s high elevation and deep volcanic soils. This is truly one of the finest quality coffees available in the world.

Signature Blend – Like Java’Mon, our Signature Blend exudes character, full body flavor and an IRIE feelin’. A Kona coffee produced in rich volcanic soil in Hawaii and unlike any other, our Signature Blend is a rich, full body roast with a distinct aroma and delicate sweetness that is cherished by coffee lovers all over the world.


Java’Mon Coffee is available in hotel and villa in-room resort pouches and select retailers, operates coffee shops and it’s new trademarked Java’Mon Coffee Beenie Cafe, and is implementing creative franchise ownership opportunities coupled with unique workforce, mentorship, and educational development initiatives.

Java’Mon Coffee, LLC is organized in the Virgin Islands and the State of Florida. All registered trademarks and intellectual property are owned by Java’Mon Coffee.

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