HENDRIXROE to Debut New Men’s Line at TOM* Toronto Men's Fashion Week

HENDRIXROE to Debut New Men’s Line at TOM* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

HENDRIXROE to Debut New Men’s Line at TOM* Toronto Men's Fashion WeekHENDRIXROE to Debut New Men’s Line at TOM* Toronto Men’s Fashion Week

HENDRIXROE is the passion of an upcoming Canadian based fashion designer, Jordan Erin McKay (JEM)JEM has created the HENDRIXROE fashion label and associated “By Appointment Only” fashion boutique to appeal and cater to an affluent and trend setting clientele.

From a young age JEM played dress-up in her mothers extravagant closet, where paying close attention to the details became engrained in her ideals: Construction, fabric, and fine lines over popular labels. JEM’s designer story is one of a fairytale that makes even the most cynical believe in fate. Following in her family’s foot steps – Jordan was on her way to becoming a lawyer when one fateful day (while on a flight to Vancouver), her whole life changed. A stranger – turned investor and mentor, made her see that there is no money in the world that can compare to doing what you love, so she took the leap of faith and HENDRIXROE was born.

You never know who you are sitting beside… Once your destiny meets you it won’t be a minute too late or a moment too early you just need to be willing to take that leap.”

JEM has always yearned to design menswear, and she is honored to be debuting her very first Men’s collection at TOM* alongside her collaborator, long time Friend, Actor Rainbow Sun Francks. Together they create looks that every man yearns to wear.

Rainbow Sun Francks
is a Canadian film and television host/actor who is most known for his roles as a Much Music VJ as well as Stargate Atlantis and The Listener.  Fashion and design has always been a big part of his life – handed down from his parents who always made sure his eye for originality was nurtured. He started designing clothing for himself as a teen and later designed shirts for his hip-hop group The Oddities in his 20s…

“Jordan and I lived together in Vancouver and would often spend days at a time locked away with a pad of paper, some markers, a printer and sewing machine. Destroying and rebuilding sweaters and blazers I didn’t wear anymore and emerge with some fantastical wearables. It was magic. It has always been his dream to create a high level men’s wear line and this collaboration with JEM of     HENDRIXROE has made that fantasy into a tangible reality.”

: HENDRIXROE Men’s Collection Debut at TOM*
            (Toronto Men’s Fashion Week) TOMFW

When: Wednesday, February 24, 16

Where: 444 Yonge Street

Time: 9:00PM






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