Hit-Boy Looks Forward To Possibly Winning A Grammy With His Father By His Side

Hit-Boy Looks Forward To Possibly Winning A Grammy With His Father By His Side

Grammy-nominated music producer, Hit-Boy has had an interesting year as he looks forward to 2024 when he finds out if he can add another Grammy to his mantle. What would make it better for him this time around, is if he could do it with his father in attendance after his recent release from prison.

According to The Associated Press, the music producer was nominated for a Grammy Award which will air live on Feb. 4, 2024. This time, unlike the first three times he won a Grammy, his father, who just completed a nine-year sentence will be right by his side at the ceremony. Now that his father is back home, he is aiming to strengthen their relationship. Coincidentally, his father is also a rapper.

Hit-Boy’s father’s moniker is Big Hit. The 52-year-old recently released his debut project, “The Truth is in My Eyes.” The album features the likes of Snoop Dogg, Benny The Butcher, Musiq Soulchild, Dom Kennedy, The Alchemist and Mozzy.

Big Hit hates that he missed important parts of his son’s career because he was incarcerated.

“It was torture just knowing the kind of impact I could’ve had and what I missed in his life.”

“I thought about how I could have shaped and molded him,” Big Hit said. “Being a wonderful addition. Instead of bringing him down, I could have tightened him up. But I still did my best in the situation where I was at. But we’re pushing full speed ahead. We’re bridging that gap.”

His son treasures what he can do for his father now and is working to make sure that they are working together.

“It’s bigger than just doing the music,” Hit-Boy said. “I’m creating that network, helping them to have a workflow. I’m spending money on these marketing plans. I’m coming with all the best ideas I can. Every day is an adventure. My whole life, he’s got out and went back in. Stressed out that he might do something to jeopardize it again. It’s part of that brainwork where you just got to hold it down and financially. I wanted to build, put together pieces that would bring people completely into his world.”

Now, with the Grammys approaching, it would be a great feeling to grab that Grammy with his father there with him.

“Every time I won a Grammy, he was locked up,” he said. “That would be dope to win. I’m going to speak it into existence.”

Hit-Boy is nominated for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical.

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