Homeboy Sandman - The Only Constant

Homeboy Sandman – The Only Constant

Ahead of his forthcoming album There In Spirit, Homeboy Sandman returns with “The Only Constant,” his latest video single. Featuring Illingsworth’s immaculate production along with Homeboy Sandman’s illustrious and introspective lyricism, “The Only Constant” is a masterful nod to Hip Hop’s Golden Era.  In the video, we see the Queens native rocking a SOHK sweatsuit in his hometown as he reflects on the only constant element in life, change. “The Only Constant” is a delightful preview of There In Spirit, which is set for release on February 25th via Mello Music Group.

“The Only Constant” is a smooth follow up to their previous single “Keep That Same Energy.” Producer extraordinaire Illingsworth provides a dynamic piano-driven instrumental layered with samples. Homeboy Sandman’s introspective flow complements the production and accentuates the song’s theme.

“‘The Only Constant’ is my favorite song on the project. Isn’t Illingsworth amazing? Change is the only constant. It makes me melancholy sometimes, growing apart from people, and things changing from how they used to be. It’s impossible to make anybody understand if they weren’t there.”

Homeboy Sandman – There In Spirit
(produced by Illingsworth)
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