The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Nacole Ali

The Industry Cosign Spotlight: Nacole Ali

Title: Speaker, Media Personality, Author and Business Owner

Company: Taking Action

Location: New York, NY

NACOLE ALI is a highly requested empowerment speaker, media personality, author, and business owner. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Nacole has successfully worked for 4 major global financial institutions for more than 20 years as a human resource professional. She has dedicated her life to helping people move their careers forward, through motivational reinforcement and coaching.

While working full-time and following her entrepreneurial spirit, Nacole was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015. Nacole became motivated to help others to cope and understand the importunacy of Taking Action and created Pink Notes blog on

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Taking Action is imperative to a successful and healthy life. Nacole has created a unique platform to encourage others to take care of themselves and move towards their goals. Taking Action On Your Health is a compelling message for anyone going through a personal transformation.

Nacole’s 1st book WARRIOR: Built To Last, released October 4, 2016, is an amazing insight and testimony to Ms. Ali’s personal journey. Nacole has endured personal hardships witnessing her sister going through drug addiction, to the lost of her grand-parents who raised her, to her and her mother battling cancer at the same time. While life has given Nacole lemons, she’s determined to make pink lemonade.

In 2016, Ms. Ali has recently been named Breast Cancer Ambassador for New York State Senator Kevin S. Parker of the 21st Senatorial District in Brooklyn. Ms. Ali has spoken at events hosted by Shaun Derik, nationally recognized speaker, creator and host of The Hard Part. Ms. Ali will be also speaking at the upcoming 2016 Healthier You Conference in Philadelphia, and is a contributing author in Stories of Survival published by Pretty in Pink. Ms. Ali has been featured in various media outlets such as Pynk Magazine, Y-Clad Radio, Shawna On The Radio to discuss her journey.

Her bravery and strength will encourage others to Take Action for themselves. Nacole Ali delivers a powerful and relative visual blueprint for the audience to leave the event with actionable items to implement own their own.

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