Detroit Pistons' Isaiah Stewart Arrested After Punching Phoenix Suns' Drew Eubanks Before Game

Detroit Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart Arrested After Punching Phoenix Suns’ Drew Eubanks Before Game

An NBA player was arrested after reportedly punching an opposing player in the face before their teams met up for a basketball game.

According to, Isaiah Stewart, who plays for the Detroit Pistons was arrested on Wednesday, Feb. 14 for striking Phoenix Suns center Drew Eubanks in the face several hours before the two teams played each other. The attack took place hours before the teams played in the parking lot of the Suns’ home arena, the Footprint Center.

Stewart, who did not play in the game because of a sprained left ankle, was given a citation by Phoenix police. His adversary, Eubanks scored six points and snatched eight rebounds while playing 18 minutes in the contest.

Eubanks claimed that this took place before the game as he was coming into the stadium. After an argument started between the two players, as they were chest-to-chest, Stewart punched Eubanks in the face before security intervened.

“The attack on Drew Eubanks was unprovoked, and acts of violence such as this are unacceptable,” the Suns said in a written statement. “We unequivocally support Drew, and will continue to work with local law enforcement and the NBA.”

Meanwhile, the Pistons said, “We are in the process of gathering information about what happened and what provoked it, and responding to the NBA and local authorities.”

Eubanks’ teammate, Kevin Durant also commented on the situation.

“Keep the game first. There’s a lot of noise,” Durant said. “It’s unfortunate what happened before the game, it’s supposed to be a brotherhood. But I also understand dudes get into stuff. We try to avoid that in this league, hopefully we can move on from it. We all support Drew.”

The Suns emerged victorious by a score of 116-100.

Detroit Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart Arrested After Punching Phoenix Suns’ Drew Eubanks Before Game

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