The annual Made in America festival Jay Z holds in Philadelphia during Labor Day weekend has been canceled for the second year in a row.

The festival’s cancellation was announced both on social media and its official website on Wednesday.

Without mention of a projected date of the festival’s return, a rep released the following statement:

“The Made In America executive production team is reimagining a live music experience that affirms our love and dedication to music and the work we do. We promise an exciting return to the festival.”

“Since its inception, this groundbreaking festival has celebrated music and community — from creating a space for fans to connect – to uplifting local small businesses and shining a light on important causes. It has strived for accessibility, eliminating barriers through affordable tickets and location.”

The cancellation was first announced in August of 2023, one month before the festival was to roll out on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway with Lizzo and SZA as headliners. The official statement of the reason given then was, “due to severe circumstances outside of production control.”

“This decision has been difficult and has not been made lightly, nor without immense deliberation,” organizers said in 2023, before adding that they were looking forward to returning the upcoming year.

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Source: The Associated Press

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