Jermaine Dupri Launches 4 Lanes App

Jermaine Dupri Launches 4 Lanes App

Legendary music icon Jermaine Dupri alongside mobile app developer That Level announced the availability of 4 Lanes in the App Store. The game inspired by his “switching four lanes” lyrics from his 1998 duet “Money Ain’t a Thang” allows players to navigate two cars escaping from police while collecting bags of money. The game also now features the ability for players to challenge each other including Jermaine & and see a video of him playing against you using Peep.


“In my game, you have to collect as much money as you can and stay away from police cars,” Dupri says. “It’s not an easy game. It’s not a game you just get on and kill it.”


“Since day one, I’ve been focused on doing things that would put me in my own lane,” Dupri continued. “4 Lanes puts me in front of my peers in the gaming world and marries two of my passions: music and technology.”


This isn’t the first time the producer has leaped into the gaming industry. In 1999, Dupri produced the theme song for Madden 2000, which featured the vocals from rapper Ludacris.


About 4 Lanes

Get in gear for this high speed chase. Players experience the excitement from switching between four lanes with two cars while collecting money and avoiding being caught by the police. Challenge your friends as you compete to get the high score on the leader boards or beating their score. Directly challenge Jermaine in a one round contest & using Peep, see a video of Jermaine playing against you.


The 4 Lanes App is free to download from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch at

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