Jermaine Dupri Reacts To Social Media Clowning Super Bowl Outfit

Jermaine Dupri Reacts To Social Media Clowning Super Bowl Outfit

There were many memorable moments from last Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime performance when Usher brought many notable artists to the stage. From Alicia Keys, Ludacris, and Lil Jon, most viewers took in the moment their favorite artists came on stage. Yet, there was one artist who may have been the most talked about during and definitely after Usher left the stage. Atlanta’s own So So Def recording artist and owner, Jermaine Dupri.

From the moment JD got on stage, his outfit grabbed the attention of anyone within eye view of the show. JD may not have been one of the people who was highly anticipated, but it wasn’t JD getting on stage that caught people’s attention, it was the outfit he had on.

While standing on stage, JD looked like the Black version of the comic book character, Richi Rich. A cartoon figure that was introduced to the masses in 1953 as a little rich white boy. JD was adorned with a black short suit that showcased white socks sitting in a pair of penny loafers.

Social media went crazy with memes and photos that were indescribable and did not showcase the music executive in a way that would make him look good for making the selection of clothes he had on, despite posting on his Instagram account that those white socks were Louis Vuitton.

WARNING: Adult Language

“Haaa!! ok I ain’t have time for y’all last night I was too drunk, me and my homies performed at the Super Bowl!so I’m just really seeing y’all got me fucked up !! But I will say it’s funny as hell,yoooo!! @pharrell 🤣🤣 you see this !? PS we came into this game with our clothes on backwards, i ain’t no regular nigga 🤣🤣”

Social media was not kind to the producing hitmaker.

But, JD took it all in stride and used the opportunity to boast about a recent achievement as he brags that he has five of the top 10 R&B songs right now.

“U wanna talk about the socks let’s talk about,I got 5 songs in the TOP 10, Let’s Talk About It !! #MyBoo # MadeForMe #UGotItBad #Confessions #Burn

Jermaine Dupri Reacts To Social Media Clowning Super Bowl Outfit

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