JILLY Prepares Release of New Cookbook 'She Cooks Too!'

JILLY Prepares Release of New Cookbook ‘She Cooks Too!’


The Multi-Talented JILLY is Releasing her New Cookbook

She Cooks Too!

Boss Babe Cravings Vol. 2

(LOS ANGELES, CA) November 22, 2022 – A lifelong foodie, Jilly grew up in a family full of cooks. Her first cookbook, This Boss Babe Can Cookbook, focused on Creole food, her family’s heritage, and wowed her fans with mouthwatering recipes and beautiful photos. But now Jilly is branching out to cover all her favorite foods from all types of cuisines in the new book, She Cooks Too!

“Fashion has always been my main go-to, but at the same time I have a great taste for all things food, so I wanted to make this really me, to make fashion and cooking one. This book really represents my passions of food, fashion and family,” explains Jilly. In the perfect merge of her passions, She Cooks Too! features not just more sought-after recipes, but also a jaw-dropping look-book of some of her recent fashion photos!

With recipes that can be used by beginner cooks as well as experienced chefs, She Cooks Too! has a little bit of everything, inspired by Jilly’s world travels. And this time she’s including a category not seen in her last book…dessert! Explains the author and chef, “I finally put in my dad’s peach cobbler recipe. That’s a recipe that people have been asking me about for years. It’s one that really stands out for me and I hope my readers feel the same way.”

With a new EP COPY & Paste doing numbers, a show with DaniLeigh under her belt, and not her first but second book getting published, it’s clear this Boss Babe is staying hungry for success! Follow Jilly here and hit the button below to pre-order She Cooks Too! now.


JILLY Prepares Release of New Cookbook ‘She Cooks Too!’

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