Joe Budden- Just Because

Joe Budden- Just Because

Joe Budden- Just Because

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‘Look, listen, fuck is up with us? How we ain’t agreeing?
Sensitive thugs need hugs, just the game we in
But if we ain’t a team, I know what anger bring
Angled in any language you want it, mons ain’t a ting
Is this a cry for help, show us the pain you in
What’s in your cranium, fuck it let’s put the flame to aim
Then they’ll ask why I made him his most famous meme
I just tell ’em love makes you do the strangest things
They play at stadiums, I play at Stadium
Shame, shame in ’em, really what’s there to gain for ’em
I see it weird though, fuck it we here though
Order my Bane mask all glass to let the beard show
Ain’t been dark in a while, pardon my style
I mean, I think I hear my part in your style
I can attach different acts to different parts of your style
Yeah we let you act as if you had parts in your style, nah
That’s retarded, it couldn’t be any farther out
But really ain’t shit about it that’s hard to doubt
Ain’t bothered ’bout it, you fathered your father’s style
Which makes you a grandfather, a clock I highly doubt
You a hybrid, credited with the art of it now’

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