Joey AX - Love Hate Relationship

Joey AX – Love Hate Relationship

Joey A.X is and has always been synonymous with New Haven. In his latest video, for the single Love Hate Relationship, the rapper details his complex relationship with the city that raised him and molded him into the musician he is today. Through both stunning aerial shots and visits to all of the area’s most famous spots, the video acts as a personalized tour of New Haven through the eyes and words of the face of the city.

A very special thank you to the entire city of New Haven CT.
Lotta Studios, Louis Lunch, Historic Wooster Square District, Christ Church New Haven, Chapel West, Nicole Ferrazzi for Maltshop Vintage + Jack Campeau.

Director: Sev One
Arial/Cinematography: Gil Videos
Exec. Producer: Allegiance NYC

Produced by: Tone P, Stokley Williams
Arranged by: Jonathan Lee
Mixed/Mastered by: Kenta Yonesaka for Germano Studios NYC

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