Justin Paul x Big Piph "Garrett Morgan"

Justin Paul x Big Piph “Garrett Morgan”

Justin Paul x Big Piph "Garrett Morgan"

Little Rock rapper Big Piph follows up his well-received I Am Not Them EP with a new feature on Justin Paul’s single, “Garrett Morgan.”

For those who don’t know, Garrett Morgan was a prominent (and multi-dimensional) Black inventor, born to former slaves.  Despite having only a sixth grade education, he invented the traffic signal, amongst other things.  He was also a successful entrepreneur, and had quite a few successful ventures.

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And now he’s got a damn impressive hip hop song to add to his resume.

As per usual, Piph and Paul are a dynamic duo, and their chemistry merges  marvelously to form pure fire on the track, both lyrically and production-wise.

Produced by longtime Big Piph collaborator Justin Paul, “Garrett Morgan,” is the perfect introduction to Big Piph’s innovative new project.  The record will be featured on Big Piph’s second upcoming I Am Not Them installment, called I Am Not Them:  The Legacy Project, which is slated to drop mid June.  The Legacy Project is a first of its kind interactive app-based “live album,” curated by Big Piph.  Simply put, it’s a “living album.”

Watch the trailer for The Legacy Project’s “Them” below…and yes, these are something like the “they” that DJ Khaled is always warning you about.

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