Juvenile Debuts New Flavored Beer, Juvie Juice

Juvenile Debuts New Flavored Beer, Juvie Juice

Ha! New Orleans recording artist, Juvenile had to Back That Azz Up and collaborate with Urban South Brewery to introduce a new beer.

According to WGNO, Terius Gray, who we know as Juvenile has partnered with a local brewery to release a new beer that they call, Juvie Juice. The concoction is a hard version of half-lemonade and half-iced tea.

Jacob Landry, Founder and President of Urban South Brewery said in a written statement, “We are really excited about our collaboration with Juvenile. ‘Juvie Juice’ is inspired by his favorite drink, the Arnold Palmer. This is also the brewery’s first time releasing a hard iced tea, and we are excited about how the formula turned out.”

The announcement came via the company’s Instagram account last month.

“We collaborated with @juviethegreat himself on crafting the PERFECT hard iced tea with lemonade for sipping on along the parade route. Sweet and balanced, you’re not gonna want to miss the chance to sip on Juvie’s favorite drink as soon as you can!”


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On Urban South Brewery’s website, it directs you to where the new product can be found.

The rapper took to his Instagram account to state that the Juvie Juice has sold out throughout the venues and stores that had them in stock. He is also asking that people who purchase the beer tag him and he will repost their social media message.

“Thank you everyone for your support!! Today we went by @southerneaglenola and showed love to the team selling #JuvieJuice to the grocery stores and convenience stores and bars and THEY SOLD OUT!! Thank you and take pictures when you find them and tag me I will repost you!”


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The new alcoholic beverage is listed as 5% ABV, and they are available in two sizes, 12 oz and 19.2.oz cans.

Juvenile Debuts New Flavored Beer, Juvie Juice

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