Kalan.FrFr & Tyga 'Butterfly Coupe'

Kalan.FrFr & Tyga ‘Butterfly Coupe’

Kalan.FrFr & Tyga ‘Butterfly Coupe’

Kalan.FrFr and Tyga release anticipated summer anthem “Butterfly Coupe” produced by Hitmaka & OG Parker

Compton born artists collaborate on self indulging track celebrating the fast life culture of cars, partying and beautiful women.

(Los Angeles, CA – August 4th, 2023) Kalan.FrFr wants it to be known: the best is on its way and it’s coming very soon. For all of the streaming hits (over 320 million), sold-out shows, and big-name collaborations that the Roc Nation-signed hip-hop and R&B fusionist has already racked up, you might think a sense of complacency could begin to seep in. But nothing could be further from the truth.  

With his latest single “Butterfly Coupe” featuring fellow Cali rapper Tyga the evolution of Kalan’s songcraft and artistry will elevate him into that rarefied stratosphere of genre-defining talents. The Hitmaka and OG Parker-produced track is a hedonistic, roof-missing glide through the streets of L.A., replete with lavish visions of big rims, designer clothing, penthouses suites, gorgeous women, and thousand-dollar steakhouse dinners. 

Kalan seems to know he has a chart-topping hit with this single. “This one is on repeat for the summer,” he says assuredly.

The music video for “Butterfly Coupe” filmed in Los Angeles and conceptualized by visionary Diego Cruz takes a heavy dive into race culture, with burnouts, big party vibes and vixens. Diego says, “I wanted to embody the summer car and bike culture, like it was ripped out of a vehicle party scene from a blockbuster film.” Known for his intensive and colorful aesthetics with the likes of Kodak Black, Kash Doll, Cordae and Dej Loaf, the Detroit born film director used drone cameras to capture the rising star and Grammy award winning rapper in their element. 

Over the last five years, the seductive crooner from Compton and Carson has cemented his place among the top West Coast artists of this era, receiving co-signs from the likes of Lil Durk, YG, Gervonta Davis, Russell Westbrook, and Jay-Z. As Pitchfork says: “when you’re talking about L.A.’s new wave of shit-talking, designer-obsessed rappers, Kalan.FrFr should be included. He just happens to sing.”

If Kalan started as every Los Angeles street rapper’s go-to hook-man – a Nate Dogg for the new Southern California streets – he’s evolved into a multi-faceted songwriting virtuoso. Past anthems like “No Stoppin,” “Never Lose You” and “Scoring” are carnal and romantic, full of heartache, lust, and extravagant living. There is something refreshingly traditional to Kalan’s approach. On the Los Angeles asphalt, he’s a mythological figure who has somehow avoided corny myth-making. He is first and foremost a lover – one who is emotionally aware and unabashedly toxic and cocky. A ladies man with a big heart, who cares about the important things going on in the world. Kalan may boast about pulling up to the party in all-white Porsches, but this isn’t idle flexing. It’s how he’s actually living. And while the material objects are appreciated, what matters most is preserving his realness and sense of authenticity. Without it, his songs wouldn’t remotely hit the same.

About Kalan.FrFr:
To understand why his star has risen is to understand the real Kalan Montgomery. He’s an artist only capable of writing songs directly from the heart. His music connects deeply with the masses because he’s writing about in-depth, real-life situations: the pain caused by intimate deceptions, the strength required to leave a toxic relationship, the Zen realization that heartbreak is often no one’s fault. Plus, he’s blessed with a generational voice – something like if Stevie Wonder was steeled in the CPT.

If you want to get a sense of how deeply respected Kalan is among his peers, just look at the shortlist of his collaborators, a who’s who of modern West Coast hip-hop and R&B: Ohgeesy, Blxst, G Perico, Mozzy, Dom Kennedy, BlueBucks Clan, 1TakeJay, and Westside Boogie.

The story of how he got here isn’t as important as where he’s going. We can list his hits starting from when “Right Wit It” became a mandatory drop at every house party from San Diego to Seattle or mention the “Hot N’ Ready Freestyle,” where Kalan proved that he could spit as hard as any rapper in your Top 5. We can talk about his scene-stealing performance on Destiny Rogers’ “West Like,” where Kalan comes off like a young Roger Troutman. We can cite his melodic reveries on the Puma Mixtape.

What Kalan.FrFr creates is something that gives people a sense of hope and opportunity, the feeling that you can achieve anything you want. This is music with a therapeutic quality, that snaps people out of the matrix and reminds them that there is still so much living to do. He’s paving the way for something that we haven’t seen before. This is real music with real feelings. After all, it’s in his very name.

Kalan.FrFr & Tyga ‘Butterfly Coupe’

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