Kay K Rosemond AKA Lord Karon

Kay K Rosemond AKA Lord Karon: ‘Well, I Make Music I Like to Listen to, Work Out to…’,

Kay K Rosemond AKA Lord Karon

Nowadays, it is a MUST to have multiple hustles in this Business of Hip-Hop in order to be a success story. You see many rappers trying their hand at acting, fashion, directing, managing….  You get the picture. Even executives can get into the act if they are talented enough! As is the case of Kay K Rosemond, A & R Phenom. He’s been behind some of the hits of Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne and even The Temptations. So, you figure he’d have a trick or two up his sleeve since he’s been behind the scenes, front and center on some hits you’re sure to have heard!

Introducing Lord Karon, the alter ego of Mr. Rosemond. He’s decided to throw his hat in the ring as an artist and he took the time to speak to The Industry Cosign about it.

I’ve known you ‘professionally’ as Kay K Rosemond, A & R executive. How did Lord Karon appear or has he been lurking many years before the release of ‘Whitelines?’

Lol, well yes we’ve known one another for a bit now and yes, Lord Karon has been lurking in the dark… sorta like my Batman to Bruce Wayne. Certain artists I’ve dealt with sometimes didn’t listen to creative advice, so sometimes I gotta lead by example.

We both know and realize that The Business of Hip Hop has basically overtaken the creativity that was shown in years past. How does that affect the process of artists constructing songs to be commercially acceptable?

Most of the artists out now, are self made so they feel like they don’t have to listen to advice.  And, in fact, why should they if they’ve gotten this far alone… They more concerned with the BAG, CHICKEN or whatever else they calling money these days. They forget that music is an outlet to those folks that are suffering and may need a break from reality to sometime cope with the hardships of life.

How will Lord Karon make an effective impact since Kay K knows what it takes to creatively make a hit? What are your expectations as an artist who has been behind successful hits before?

Well, I make music I like to listen to, work out to, cook, clean or even make love to. I feel like I got the cheat code, I know the DJ’s, the PD’s and some of the bloggers. And I hear them talk about missing the NYC sound, and that’s what I bring. Because I miss it too. I’m making music for movies and scores. Transition into film and television.

How has the changing façade of the industry prepared you to do your job?

It doesn’t, I change with the time. I’ve learned how to swim with the sharks.

How do you plan on balancing the business aspect of your career and now the artistic expression of the artist?

Well, I’ve done interviews and other things since I started so I’m kinda used to juggling my brand. Kay K Rosemond is a brand and soon so will Lord Karonn.

If radio programmers and DJs know who Kay K is, do you think it would have some type of affect (Positive and/or negative) on them willing to play your music? Was that even considered when you decided to release your other persona?

Well, most people recognize my last name, so its kinda hard to avoid some of the questions and things. But I’m prepared. I’ve been around working other records, so half these guys I’m familiar with. Think being in college with all the popular folks at one time. One of the PDs in Detroit told me he was pleasantly surprise.

What trend or trends are taking place today that you wish weren’t and why?

Skinny jeans. I can’t do that…. I like some breathing room. I just don’t think thats Hip Hop to me. Being creative is all about expressing who you are but dam they sometimes go to far.

Social Media probably plays a much bigger role in artists’ lives than ever before, do you plan on utilizing it for the advancement of Lord Karon’s career and if so, is there an expectation that will come of it?

Fronting ain’t fronting unless somebody else sees you. We live in the time of the nerds. They can act crazy and hide behind the screens of the laptops. I have to follow the basic guidelines, use the same outlets they do. But the difference is, you can google me and find all my info matches up. Everything. So, because I know the labels, and indies look at social media. I gotta play the same game.

Is there anything that you wish you can do over and if so, why and what would you to do alter that decision?

I would have put a record out a long time ago. I did features.. Like on Bullet Proof Love and on The Solider by Erykah Badu. But I surrounded myself with 100 other dudes because I was afraid to stand on my own. Then I saw the other kats getting rich or just fucking up a positive situation. And started thinking, man I wish I had the same opportunity. And thats when it came to me .. I can do it myself.. And so I did.

What advice are you willing to give someone who wants to have a long and sustained career in the entertainment industry?

Opportunity is the size of a cheese slice… Ya job is to stick ya hand through and find the knob and open the door to get the rest of your body through. Lyor Cohen told me that. I wish I’d listen to him when he said it. But I was young and not as focus as I am now. 95% business and 5% music, this is the business of music not music business, you can buy a hot record but can’t buy ya business back when one of the majors own your line. Lawyers are important, (Shout out Ward White) and the rest of the team, an asst that handles ya schedule and all else. And just a gang of people that believe in you as much as they believe in the power of the american dollar.


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