Trial Date Set For Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect Keefe D

Trial Date Set For Tupac Shakur Murder Suspect Keefe D

A Nevada judge has set a trial date for Duane “Keefe D” Davis who is suspected to be involved in the killing of hip-hop recording artist, Tupac Shakur.

According to the New York Daily News, Judge Carli Kierny has placed the date of June 3, 2024, on the court’s calendar as the start of Keefe D’s case. On Tuesday, November 7, the suspect’s court-appointed attorneys Charles Cano and Robert Arroyo, appeared with Keefe D to face the judge. He has pleaded not guilty after being charged with murder with a deadly weapon with the intent to promote, further, or assist a criminal gang.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Marc DiGiacomo told the court that the amount of evidence in Davis’ case is “as voluminous as I’ve ever had in my career,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Cano and Arroyo expressed to the judge that they were still going over grand jury transcripts. The defense attorneys will have until late December to file a petition against the murder charge.

The 60-year-old is scheduled to appear before Judge Kierny on Jan. 9, 2024, for a status check. The Associated Press also reported that his attorneys say they will file documents requesting that he be released on bail until his trial starts.

Keefe D is the only living person who was in the vehicle where the shooter fired the bullets that struck and killed the “Death Row” rapper on Sept. 7, 1996. He was arrested on Sept. 29 in Henderson after Las Vegas police officers raided his residence on July 17.

Tupac was shot multiple times in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas after a Mike Tyson fight on Sept. 7, 1996. He died six days after being shot at the age of 25. Keefe D, who wrote the book, Compton Street Legend had previously stated that the killing of the “Me Against the World” lyricist was done by his nephew, Orlando Anderson, who was killed two years later. Anderson was seen on video having an altercation with the entertainer before the “All Eyez On Me” emcee died.

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