Kelis Goes After Beyonce and Pharrell After They Sampled her Milkshake

Kelis Goes After Beyonce and Pharrell After They Sampled her Milkshake

It seems that Kelis is saying that Beyonce is Caught Out There! There’s no type of Milkshake that will calm Kelis down at this particular moment.

Kelis has gone on a verbal social media tirade towards Beyonce and Pharrell Williams after finding out the producer sampled one of her songs, Milkshake as the backdrop for a song on her Renaissance album, Energy.

On an Instagram post by the Kelistrends account, it stated@Beyonce‘s RENAISSANCE album will include a @kelis sample on the song ‘Energy’. 🤯”

Kelis, getting wind of the post, responded from her business account, Bountyandfull.

“My mind is blown too because the level of disrespect and utter ignorance of all 3 parties involved is astounding . I heard about this the same way everyone else did . Nothing is ever as it seems , some of the people in this business have no soul or integrity and they have everyone fooled”

In several videos posted to her personal account, Kelis then continued the venom she has toward Pharrell specifically although she had a few choice words for Beyonce as well. Although it isn’t standard practice nor required to do, she feels, as the primary artist who recorded the song, she should have been contacted.

After hearing the song which uses the Milkshake sample, Kelis stated that she was triggered by the use of the song.

“I just heard the record everyone is saying has my sample . But it’s beyond this song at this point . This was a TRIGGER for me . Milkshake alone is one of the most licensed records of our generation. I am a creator , I’m an innovator, I have done more then left my mark on an era of music and style that will go down in history . But there are bully’s and secrets and gangsters in this industry that smile and get away with it until someone says enough is enough . So I’m saying it today . I’m coming for what’s mine and I want reparations . Peace .”

Somewhere Kelis is yelling out the lyrics at Pharrell, “I hate you so much right now!”

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