Kewanta Brooks Launches Elite Kids

Elite Kids is an education and lifestyle brand for babies, tots, and kids ages 10 and under. The company stands out as one of the only brands for children that center around black and brown characters.

Elite Kids, however, is not only creating diversity in the animated early childhood development space, but it also supplements the curriculum taught in traditional schools. Their curriculum includes traditional academic content and life skills. All video content is free and hosted on YouTube. Products such as flashcards can be purchased on their website.

CEO, Kewanta Brooks, merged her experiences as a classroom teacher and parent to create Elite Kids. Mrs. Brooks, along with the Elite Kids crew, teach academic content and life skills such as phonics, reading, STEM, and history, as well as, how to read a map, how to apologize, and so much more.

“My experiences as a classroom teacher and parent merged to create Elite Kids,” said Kewanta Brooks. “I wanted to create brilliant and kind kid characters that look like my children and my students. It is important for our children to see characters with varying shades of brown skin, that have coiled hair, and who are amazingly brilliant.”

Their mission statement is to educate and empower, to be coworkers with parents and equip them with tools to educate children who are homeschooled and who are in traditional school settings, and to encourage and promote excellence, magic, and joy.

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For a good cause

Elite Kids’ mission to educate, empower, and promote excellence does not stop with their customers. As a company, they are dedicated to giving back to the community.

That’s why a portion of every sale goes to support their Elite for Good projects and causes. Kewanta believes it is the company’s responsibility to do their part to uplift and inspire the community.


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