Kimberly Chapman

Kimberly Chapman

Being multifaceted helps build the type of success others may envy or it can create difficulty in focusing on what needs to be done in order to be successful. Luckily for Kimberly Chapman, being multifaceted not only works for her, but it helps her expand and establish the brands she creates. From beauty products to marketing, and—since the coronavirus pandemic—masks, and hand sanitizers, Chapman has proven that nothing stops her from getting her hustle on!

The Industry Cosign talked to Chapman about how the pandemic has affected her business and how being a Black woman entrepreneur allowed her to set her own standards to succeed in business.

You’re a very busy woman based on the number of companies you run. What motivated you to start the company and to have so many layers within Chapman Products Inc.?

My motivation came from my desire to grow. As a businesswoman, achieving success comes from listening to the consumer and producing the best product to fit their needs. I envisioned our company to be global. My husband and I created a plan and with each new idea came a new layer. After creating new beauty products, beginning with Nairobi Professional Products, I wanted to create an avenue to market our products; that’s when we birthed Sheen Magazine.

How have the effects of the coronavirus pandemic affected your ability to do business?

The impact of the pandemic has just shifted our mindset. Instead of folding or giving up, we found better ways to work. During the pandemic, our energy went into helping as many people as possible. We created masks and a new line of hand sanitizer. With these products, we were able to create a new way of productivity in our company.

The pandemic only forced us to continue to create spaces for my employees and my community to be better.

What was the reason behind starting the Chapman Foundation?

Chapman Foundation was created to help our stylists and barbers’ children attend school. We wanted to give back to those who give their great energies to us through their work. Later, we grew to give to HBCUsas a fellow student of an HBCU, I thought it was a great way to reach more people.

We offer scholarships, host toy drives, food drives, and work to bring awareness to breast cancer through our 4K walk in both South Carolina and Indianapolis.

It was important to give back because there’s so much wealth that can be shared around the world. I believe that wealth is having a community that shares and grows together.

As a black woman entrepreneur, what were some of the difficulties you’ve faced that have helped shape your success, and what advice would you give anyone who wants to enter the world of entrepreneurship? 

I wouldn’t call them difficulties, but attention snatchers that caused us to diligently focus and plan accordingly. I remember the days when I was packing the product myself and delivering. During those times, I reminded myself, that this is my dream and competition doesn’t exist. Set a standard and hold your company to that no matter where you are on your journey. That’s what I would tell others. Be fearless, bold, and don’t be afraid to stand out.

What should we anticipate from the Chapman Products company? 

Expect the same great products and great Sheen magazine. We also have an anti-aging skincare line and weight loss teas. The brand is Akura Wellness. And we would like to thank you for your continued support.

Kimberly Chapman

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