Kyrie Irving Responds to Free Agency Rumors

Kyrie Irving Responds to Free Agency Rumors

With the recent news of Los Angeles Lakers player, LeBron James stating that he is contemplating retirement, the sports world has been saying that a Kyrie Irving signing to the team will virtually guarantee James’ return. Irving has a strong message to any and everyone speculating his whereabouts for next season and he did so on a recent Instagram Live.

Irving and James played together on the Cleveland Cavaliers team that won an NBA championship in 2016. They were the first and only team to be down 3-1 to come back and win the next three games to bring home the title.

Irving has played on three teams since that championship, first with the Boston Celtics, then the Brooklyn Nets, and he just ended the season with the Dallas Mavericks after being traded from the Nets during the season. He is an unrestricted free agent meaning he can sign with any team in the off-season. Since he played with the Mavericks, they can give him the most money in a new contract. When Irving requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, it was reported that James and the Lakers were trying to make a deal to bring him to Los Angeles, but, as previously mentioned, he went to Dallas.

The chemistry between James and Irving would be a great match as James is reportedly prepared to take a secondary role going forward to preserve his body IF he doesn’t retire.

With all the talk about Irving’s upcoming foray into free agency, he took to his Instagram page to let the world know that he doesn’t want his name mentioned in anything. He even stated his family is discussing his plans due to the rumors circulating according to Athlon Sports.

“Stop mentioning me on Twitter,” Irving said. “All y’all fanbases, stop mentioning me right now, please. It is still the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. Can y’all all please leave me the f**k out of this? Please, can I just be with my family in peace? Y’all got people at my dinner table discussing what my free agency plans are. Stop that. Y’all think it’s funny, but please stop that. Like I actually like having peace of mind when I’m at the crib. … I see all y’all mentions, I see all y’all stuff y’all be saying, I see all y’all fanbases. I get it. I’m just as excited as y’all are. But you gotta chill.”

He is asking for fans and sports pundits alike to just chill and give him some time.

“All y’all fanbases, stop mentioning me, just for like the next month or two or three, whenever I make my decision.”

The controversial point guard averaged 27.1 points, 5.5 assists, and 5.1 rebounds per game this season when he played for the Nets and the Mavs. And although the Mavericks missed the playoffs, Dallas owner, Mark Cuban made it known that the team wants Irving back next season.

Kyrie Irving Responds to Free Agency Rumors

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