LAPD Recover $5M Worth Of Stolen Nike Products

A warehouse located in the Hawthorne section of Los Angeles was housing approximately $5 million of stolen Nike products and police officers arrested a man suspected of storing them there.

According to a release by the Los Angeles Police Department, 37-year-old Roy Lee Harvey Jr. was arrested on Jan. 27, 2024, after he was seen taking stolen Nike items there. Detectives from the Commercial Crimes Division’s Cargo Theft Unit, Major Theft Task Force, and the Organized Retail Crimes Task Force searched the warehouse as well as another one in Hollywood. Authorities believe that Harvey Jr. is responsible for receiving, redistributing, and reselling a high dollar amount of the stolen goods. Harvey was charged with Receiving Stolen Property. The Los Angeles Times reported that Harvey Jr., who hails from Memphis, Tenn., was booked after midnight on Sunday, Jan.28 and his bail was set at $0. It’s been reported that the Los Angeles Superior Court recently adopted a policy that eliminates money bail for people who are accused of nonviolent crimes.

The suspect is believed to be a part of a large organized retail theft ring.

A search at the Hawthrone location, done by the aforementioned units, Nike’s Global Security Director, and other supply chain investigators revealed thousands of pairs of stolen Nike shoes, clothing, accessories, and unique prototypes that totaled approximately $5,000,000.00.

Complex has reported that the photographs shared by the Los Angeles Police Department showed that the products were stored at the warehouse of reseller Project Blitz.

There were no other details regarding who else may be involved, if the ring is under surveillance, and/or how long this has been in operation. It’s not immediately clear whether he has a lawyer or how many other people were involved in the operation.

The LAPD is asking anyone with any information to contact its Commercial Crimes Division at (213) 486-5920.

LAPD Recover $5M Worth Of Stolen Nike Products

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