Latest Lawsuit Against Ye Accuses Producer Of Racism And Antisemitism

Latest Lawsuit Against Ye Accuses Producer Of Racism And Antisemitism

Another lawsuit has been filed against Ye, the recording artist formerly known as Kanye West as a former employee of Donda Academy, and Yeezy accusing him of threatening staff and students at the school, as well as racism, homophobia, antisemitism, and harassment.

According to Entertainment Weekly, former staffer, Trevor Phillips, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles on April 2. He was originally hired to work at Yeezy in 2022 but eventually went to work at Donda Academy later that year. He claimed that the G.O.O.D. Music artist treated the Black workers worse than he treated the white employees.

“From the start of Phillips’ tenure working at Yeezy and Donda, it was immediately apparent to him, and others, that Kanye treated the Black staff considerably worse than white employees,” the lawsuit states. “Even when class was in session, Kanye would scream and berate Black employees, while never even as much raising his tone at the white staff.”

The former employees also allege that Ye threatened members of the LGBTQ+ community, spread hate and antisemitic tropes and lies, and even threatened to shave the heads of students who attended Donda Academy and lock them in cages.

Phillips also detailed several incidents to showcase Ye’s behavior.

During one meeting with Donda Academy staff with two students present, the lawsuit states, “Kanye started to openly discuss how he only likes to date white women. Then addressing the two school children, Kanye told them that he wanted them to shave their heads and that he intended to put a jail at the school — and that they could be locked in cages. The staff quickly distracted the children, and escorted them out of the room.”

According to Business Insider, during a dinner at Nobu, Phillips alleged that Ye simulated masturbating and discussed his sex life. He also said the Chicago music producer continued dissing Jewish people and went after gay people as well.

“Hundreds of dollars in sushi was served, and while Kanye indulged in his food he could not resist indulging in his favorite topic: ‘The Jews are GREEDY and they keep trying to take MY MONEY,'” the complaint reads. “In addition to other repeated attacks on Jewish people, Kanye then began threatening the LGBTQ community. ‘Yeah, I am going for the Gays! FIRST the Jews, THEN the Gays.'”

Phillips is requesting to be awarded $35,000 in damages and an injunction to prevent Ye from owning and operating any educational school for children under 18 years in California.

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