LeBron James Will Be Highest Paid Player In NBA History With Latest Contract Extension

A Video of LeBron James Playing Football in High School Emerges and X Users React

LeBron James broke the record of having scored the most points in NBA (National Basketball Association) history and looks to be playing for several more years to add to it. For all the athleticism James possesses, it comes as no surprise that he was also a talented football player in his youth. Now, video footage of a teenage James has appeared on social media and fans have a lot to say about him and his football skills.

JPAFootball posted on their X account the footage of James playing the wide receiver position. During the clip, he is seen making a catch and being tackled to the ground. He gets up and complains to the referee, something most basketball fans would say he does often. Then he catches what appears to be a touchdown in the end zone that looks like it was disputed as the referee decides the correct call. Then James, wearing a number 9 jersey is viewed walking off the football field.

People on the X platform gave thought to the footage.

And speaking of LeBron and football, Brian Windhorst, a reporter for ESPN revealed that due to R & B singer, Aaliyah passing away in 2001 gave James the fuel to continue playing football in high school.

While appearing on NBA Today on Oct. 10, Windhorst claimed that after Aaliyah died in a plane crash, he was “not gonna live his life being afraid.” Before her death, James was not going to play football during his junior year in high school.

“So Aaliyah’s passing got him to come off the sidelines. He’d skipped the start of his junior year — he missed the first game of the year. He joined the second game with no practice, no training camp. He played 12 games, had 1,200 yards and 11 touchdowns, and was one of the great receivers in the history of the school.”

James is currently preparing to play his 21st season as the Lakers look to add another championship to their mantle.

A Video of LeBron James Playing Football in High School Emerges and X Users React

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